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Information Technologies

Information Technologies

Information technology is defined as the involvement of technology in the maintenance, development, and use of computer system software to process and distribute data. Information Technology has had a huge impact on policing because of its design and capability and its high and mighty advancement difficult to bypass (“ – Share research”, 2022). In the modern world, information technology has played a role in modern policing operations such as crime analysis, the internet, and so on.

Crime analysis is enforcement used to investigate crimes by analyzing data and discovering crime trends (“Rochester Institute of Technology | RIT,” 2022). It leads to the identification of crime by looking at relationships such as time, space, offenders, and victims. The importance of crime analysis is it organizes the quantity of information and helps operations of the police through investigations, prosecutions, and crime prevention. Geographic Information system (GIS) is a vast field in information technology. It is used to map criminal events to coincide with environmental criminal findings that illustrate crime patterns in law enforcement. Additionally, police used linked maps to discover crime (Swanson, Territo & Taylor, n.d.).

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Furthermore, the internet is known worldwide for its technological benefits, such as sending and receiving messages and gathering information. Accordingly, the police have used the internet to create websites that can easily access emergency numbers, locations, and more. People are encouraged to post police activity they may observe. Lastly, social media gives the police ways to listen to citizens by either collecting complaints or knowing what people think about the department using various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The maintenance of law and order by the police force has been impacted by these technologies by helping the police reduce crime occurrence, arresting lawbreakers easier, spotting areas of crime, and improving in parts they are not by listening to feedback. To summarize, information technologies have been a positive solution in modern policing to create peace and order. The police can solve many cases using technology; thus, it is highly dependable.

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Describe the use of information technologies in modern policing operations (including crime analysis, GIS, the internet, social media, and policing).

Information Technologies

Information Technologies

Examine the impact of these technologies on policing.

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