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Influence and Negotiation

 Influence and Negotiation

Influence occurs when a party can affect the behavior, attitude, and opinion of another party or people in a particular direction and can be used in negotiation when an individual affects the opponent. Conversely, negotiation involves parties reaching an agreement (“Drexel University Online: Accredited College Degrees & Programs,” 2022). Influence and negotiation do have some similarities between them. One of the similarities is that they both require skills and strategies to accomplish. For instance, negotiation involves three main stages, which are preparing, negotiating, and following up (“PON – Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School,” 2022), while influencing involves five significant stages: building trust in the other party, understanding the situation and intention of the other party, stating one’s proposal, coming to an agreement and self-commitment.

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One needs to plan how to conduct the negotiation or influence and the information they want to share. Secondly, how exactly will one approach the situation, especially behavior-wise, as using force or vulgar language will cause a loss in negotiation and lead to breaking trust in influence? One has to have plans after agreeingrward after either successnfluencing someone or coming to a contract.

People must be able to choose which one to use and when. For instance, sellers can be beyond one’s budget when wishing to buy a car. For this situation, negotiation would be the right choice as the buyer and seller will negotiate to find the price comfortable for both parties. When it comes to influencing, leadership is an excellent example, as it is the exercise of influence (Johnson, n.d.). When a leader is campaigning for elections, they must influence citizens on why they should elect them and make a plan. In conclusion, both are useful in their ways and helpful so long as the right strategies are used to achieve goals.


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Influence and Negotiation

Influence and Negotiation

Explain the relationship between influence and negotiation. Give examples of when to use your influence and when to negotiate.

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