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Individual Learning Investments

Individual Learning Investments

Relationship-building is a critical competency, mainly when dealing with people with different preferences, points of view, and interpersonal relations skills. Relationships are strengthened by the benefits they offer those in it. According to Noe & Kodwani (2018), trainers should conduct a needs assessment to understand their trainees’ needs and structure the training program to meet them. This creates a good foundation for the program and a good relationship between the trainer and trainees.

One of the measures I would use to measure that learning has taken place in this area is observing how the trainers and trainees relate and the relationship between the trainees. Collaboration in the learning process, such as forming discussion groups and engaging in discussions on the course content, indicates that learning has occurred. Another indication that learning has happened is an increased rate of conflicts between trainees and the trainer and among the trainees themselves (Theunissen & Sissons, 2017). Subsequently, disputes result from poor relationship management and failure to fail other personalities. Therefore, a reduced conflict rate can indicate proper relationship-building where individuals understand what to expect from those they interact with.

Moreover, the other approach I would use to determine whether relationship-building competency has been developed is evaluating the trainee’s trainee, their trainers, and fellow trainees. A negative perception indicates that the trainers and trainees have not built good relationships (Watson, 2018). Such instances could occur if the trainer cannot effectively communicate course content to the trainees, assigns complex tasks without giving proper guidance on completing them, is rude, and does not listen to the trainees.


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Individual Learning Investments

Individual Learning Investments

Unit 4.2 DB: Individual Learning Investments

Reflect on the Competency Model that you submitted in Unit 3. Select one (1) competency you listed and describe how you would measure that learning has occurred in this area.

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