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Improving Employee Engagement Agenda

Improving Employee Engagement Agenda 


Good morning. I am XXX, and I was recently appointed as the regional marketing director at Blue Hearts. I appreciate you all for making time out of your busy schedule to attend this critical meeting. Following my appointment in my new position, I have taken the time to do some research concerning our region’s shortfalls. I am glad that this meeting is a good chance for us to share insights on how we can positively contribute towards the success of our team.


My vision for Blue Hearts is to facilitate communities and well-wishers to contribute towards helping cancer patients. I intend to use the signature fundraising program to fundraise resources that will support cancer screening, diagnosis, chemotherapy, and treatment programs.”  Blue Hearts employees play a notable role in collecting funds to support the program. The organization will leverage contributions from public members to ensure people with cancer receive proper care. As team members, you will act as the organization’s ambassadors. You ought to exhibit high integrity and effective communication skills if you are to convince fundraisers to support the noble project.

 Improving Employee Engagement

To improve employee engagement, conflicts within the team must be resolved. These conflicts may affect your productivity; hence, it is crucial to address them before it is too late (Waleed, 2020). An adequately managed meeting will allow team members to air their problems, talk through them, and possibly realize a solution.

I also intend to hold regular meetings to explain organizational goals to this team. Meetings offer an effective platform for team members to discover their importance and how they can contribute towards attaining team goals. I will leverage effective meetings to explain to members the team’s objectives and the specific tasks each team member is expected to do to attain the overall organizational goals (Waleed, 2020). Once that is clear, you will understand that they are essential in pursuing organizational goals. One problem that seems to be bedeviling the organization is a lack of role clarity. Once everyone understands their role, it will be easier to execute tasks.


Having done some research, I discovered that you are mainly motivated intrinsically. I understand that you aspire to contribute positively towards dealing with cancer cases in the community and reducing them. Therefore, your primary motivation will come from the statistics about patients who will be healed successfully after receiving Blue Vision’s support.

Although everyone is unique with different motivations, overall, positive cancer patient outcomes motivate all team members. We will be collecting and keeping data about the patients we have helped get cancer-free as our measure of performance.

To ensure members are motivated, I will exhibit emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is a valuable trait for a team leader. It refers to understanding why people behave in the manner they do and also influencing them. As a team leader, I will consider team members’ backgrounds and the resulting bias (Waleed, 2020). Besides, by consulting team members, I will make good decisions.

Role as a Leader

As a team leader, I will ensure that my followers are happy and satisfied. One way to do so is by providing positive feedback when they perform exemplarily. In addition, providing negative feedback will also help underperforming members to improve. However, it is worth noting that individual meetings are good for giving personalized feedback. I thereby promise to offer you constant feedback, and you are free to raise complaints in case you do not agree with adverse feedback.


Waleed, M. (2020). Developing and Managing Teams in the Organization.


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You just started a new position at a non-profit organization called Blue Hearts. Your position is a regional business development manager. You were previously in another role in the same organization, so you are privy to the fact that the region you are assigned to has been underperforming for multiple years. It has not met its fundraising goals and because of that, fewer people have been able to benefit from the life-saving services and financial assistance the organization tries to provide to local cancer patients and survivors.

Improving Employee Engagement Agenda

Improving Employee Engagement Agenda

A priority for you is to meet with your team. You will sit down with each member and get to know them. This is the first step to building or repairing any relationships amongst the team. During these meetings, you are also trying to determine what motivates each of these individuals and how you can begin to engage them again. You also want to create a welcoming environment for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Before you meet with each person, you are creating an agenda of your meetings along with talking points.

Create an agenda for your meetings with your new employees. You will need to include at least six items on the agenda, along with talking points for each item. The agenda items include:

Your vision and how they contribute to the mission/vision.
Your plans for improving employee engagement, changing the culture within the region, and mending relationships.
Discussion about how each is motivated, both intrinsically and extrinsically.
Discussion about acknowledging each other’s thoughts, managing bias, and taking initiatives that are inclusive.
Your role as their leader in their happiness, satisfaction, and achieving the mission.

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