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Importance of Studying Organizational Behavior (OB)

Importance of Studying Organizational Behavior (OB)

Today’s businesses operate in a very competitive environment. They must operate with efficiency and efficacy to address the competition. However, that is not possible without the most critical organizational asset: its people. Companies must hire employees with the right talent pool that aligns with organizational needs (Rao 13). Also, employees must have the right attitude to stay in the organization. Organizations no longer look at academic qualifications alone, having realized the significance of including psychometric factors in recruitment.   Studying organizational behaviour helps firms maintain competent and cooperative workers. Such a workforce owns organizational goals and delivers quality work.

Studying organizational behaviour also helps a company achieve its goals. The study enables employees and managers to understand each other’s roles and expectations. Once employees understand their roles and responsibilities, they tend to be more engaged in pursuing the organization’s objectives (Rao 4). The clarity helps them focus on their assigned tasks and avoid distractions. To that end, job performance and satisfaction improve. On the other hand, learning organizational behaviour helps managers understand the behaviour, attitudes, and motivations of the people they work with. With such knowledge, managers can design workable reward systems to retain employees.

Moreover, organizational behavior discerns the attributes of individual employees. Managers can understand employees’ personalities and what can help them achieve their full potential. OB also helps managers design organizational structures in their employees’ best interests (Nuckcheddy 1-5). Large companies like Google are adopting a flatter organizational structure after realizing that it bolsters productivity. A flat organizational structure encourages independence in task execution and decision-making.

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