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Importance of Houses

Importance of Houses


Houses are buildings or structures that serve as a living area for one or several family members (Zedlewski 25). They are not just physical structures that provide shelter but are also a symbol of authority power, and a host for other things that serve the occupants. Therefore, a house is a significant structure because it offers a sense of security, gives shelter, and ensures adequate security for the family.


Provides shelter

Houses offer sheltered spaces; for example, they provide rooms where domestic activities, such as food preparation, cleaning, bathing, and sleeping, can be executed. In addition, they also provide spaces for working, studying, and leisure activities like playing.

Provides a sense of security

Houses safeguard families and people from vagaries of nature, such as natural calamities, threats, etc. (Zedlewski 36). Therefore, a house gives a family a sense of well-being and security.

Adequate privacy for the family

House ensures people and families get adequate privacy. Families can discuss issues in their houses without fear of offending anybody or being overheard (Zedlewski 56). Therefore, permanent structures (houses) ensure that there is certainty in the place where a family lives.


Houses have far-reaching benefits not just to elders in the family but most essential to children who can go to school regularly because they have a secure environment or living. Houses also facilitate children’s holistic growth by offering a stable environment where children can explore themselves fully and express their feelings freely. Generally, a house is a vital structure that protects a family from various vagaries, offers shelter for executing multiple roles, and provides adequate privacy for families.

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Importance of Houses

Importance of Houses

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