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Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy

In this case scenario, the most effective strategy when implementing new software for the company is to upskill its staff’s talent through training and development. When a company improves the abilities of its current team instead of hiring new staff, the company gains by maintaining the loyalty of its employees. Besides, the company also gets to keep employees who have experience in the company’s operations and have already formed a rapport with each other. Upskilling the current staff also ensures a quick response in the event of a problem. Further, in the long run, it is also cheaper to upskill existing staff than to hire new staff or outsource the work (Sasmita & Kumar, 2018).

Moreover, the company can increase its revenue and market share by increasing funding to the marketing department and advertising itself as technologically advanced. Another way to increase revenue is by making the company’s operations more effective. The company can audit the processes to find areas of wastage and sizes that can be improved. Reducing operating costs will ensure an increase in profits, which can then be used to increase sales and, as a result, grow the company’s revenue (Goncharova et al., 2019). In addition, the company can also increase its market share by expanding the range of products it produces. Subsequently, the company can change the current range of products to cater to a broader range of potential clients. Furthermore, the company can also cut a niche for itself in which it can charge a premium cost. Consequently, this action will increase the company’s revenue.


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A large box retailer is implementing a new learning and development (L&D) software program in their organization. The existing software program is a simple system run by a small content designers and trainers team. In contrast, the new program will require highly specialized programming and coding skills outside the team’s current skill set. Once implemented, the software will require ongoing support from someone with specific and unique coding capabilities. Coding may need a quick turnaround time to keep the system and the connected pieces of training running smoothly.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation Strategy

Address the following criteria:

Recommend an implementation strategy for the new L&D program at the large box retailer.
Which approach would you recommend? Choose one of these options.
Should the retailer upskill its talent through training and development?
Should the retailer hire new talent that can run the program?
Should the retailer outsource the program to a company with the talent?
Why did you choose the approach you selected?
Considering this thought process, consider the company you chose for your project. What do you recommend it do to increase its revenue or market share?
What skills, facilities, products, and services will the company need to capitalize on the identified opportunity?
Determine whether the company will need to buy, build, or ally with another company, and explain why.
If you have questions or require additional support, communicate this to your instructor.

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