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A Complete Guide on How to Write an Illustration Essay

A Complete Guide on How to Write an Illustration Essay

Illustration essay

An illustration essay is one of the first essays students get to write. We can say it is a way to welcome students to the diversity of essay writing. Students learn how to conduct their research for the paper and even come up with relevant ideas they can use in the illustration essay.

What Is an Illustration Essay?

An illustration essay is a basic source of information. It is used as proof of the existence of the provided thing in question. The student’s job is to come up with solid evidence that can back up the hypothesis or idea presented. You must conduct an extensive amount of research and analyze your proof before the presentation of a logical conclusion.

An illustration paper is meant to act as a guide for other complex papers. Students acquire knowledge of how they should conduct research for their essays and all the requirements for the composition of a perfect essay. This article will give you tips on how to write an illustration essay step by step.

How to Write an Illustration Essay Step by Step

1.      Topic selection

Choosing a topic to write about has been known to give students a hard time. You can think about an illustration topic that you would like to learn more about. Specify the subject to narrow down the options at hand. Make sure you choose a topic that is interesting to you. There is a list of illustration essay topics for your paper below

2.      Conduct your research

For you to write an illustration essay you need enough material. Doing your research helps you get new information you did not know. You also get to see the topic from other researchers’ points of view. Having a variety of materials helps you plan your paper better.

3.      Get an outline

From your research, you are supposed to pick the information that resonates with the point you want to make. Come up with a plan of how the information will flow. All your research might not end up in your essay. Just make sure you have enough information for your illustration essay.

4.      Thesis statement

What is the topic of illustration? It is important to figure out what you are going to prove so you don’t go out of topic. Come up with the topics you will want to argue about so you will arrange your research following the arguments. A thesis statement catches the audience’s attention and builds a drive for your essay.

5.      Work on essay context

The idea is to put your research into writing. Make sure your essay is flowing. Write the introduction, then the body, the paragraphs, and the conclusion. Your research should be written in a professional tone and put in a way your target audience will be hooked.

6.      Proofread and edit

Before submitting the essay you should double-check for grammatical errors and correct punctuation. An academic essay is very delicate and needs to be at its best. Such mistakes can lead to you losing crucial points. Make sure the citations are right and the required formatting style is included. Always proofread your work or pass your work through the necessary apps like Grammarly to help check for any errors or plagiarism. Submit the paper when everything is in order.

Illustration Essay Outline

Your outline should explain briefly the contents of your paper. You should make sure the sentences focus on what you will expound. Below are parts of an illustration essay.

  1. Introduction

Here the student should introduce their chosen topic and give more information about it. You need a thesis statement that will hook your readers and transition to the next part of the essay.

  1. Body paragraphs

There are a couple of paragraphs in this section. Use your chosen examples from the research in each paragraph and follow up with substantial evidence. Each paragraph is supposed to convince the audience that the information you provide is correct. The evidence should go with the subject matter and be able to woo your professor.

  1. Conclusion

Restate your thesis statement and briefly summarize all the ideas you included in your paragraphs. Then you can write a sentence to conclude your essay.

Tips for writing an illustration essay

1.      Gather sufficient evidence

It is important to know the number of paragraphs that will be included in your essay. Then you can come up with equivalent illustrations or more. After your research, pick the strongest evidence and the most relevant.

2.      Keep it brief

The length of the essay is given in the requirements. In case it is not, keep your essay as short as possible. Only include the most crucial and relevant information. You should stay on topic and avoid writing a lengthy paper that will bore your audience.

3.      Straightforward evidence

Personal experiences are a preference when providing evidence. All the evidence you provide should be relevant to the essay topic and should be clear and easy to understand. It is advisable to make sure everything is straightforward to save time when reading your paper. Try and be unique when writing the paper so that you can stand out from other contestants.

Topics for Illustration Essays

Getting a topic for your illustration essay is always the first step. Follow the list of illustration essay examples below to help you choose the perfect topic for you.

Illustration essay topic on media plus community studies

  1. Can you say television has been of importance in building your country’s identity?
  2. In what ways can televisions contribute to the fight for gender equality?
  3. How has social media influenced the right to expression as opposed to television?
  4. A case study on how social media has killed racism and Tribalism
  5. Media development over the years
  6. The fight against drugs will never succeed with the existence of the dark web
  7. Causes of the collapse of the newspaper
  8. Successful methods to make sure the identity of whistleblowers is not disclosed
  9. What is your take on the use of free press?

Illustration topics on technology

  1. Has the internet experience changed over time with the development of smartphones?
  2. What is the relationship between technology and globalization?
  3. Mention the different ways in which the economy has developed from Internet growth
  4. Which advances in technology can you say have influenced the world the most?
  5. Change in the education system regarding technology
  6. Influence of technology in the future
  7. Should technology be used for everyday tasks and replace humans?
  8. Write an illustration essay describing the functions of the CPU

Illustration essay topics on ancient history

  1. How did the Roman Empire uphold democracy?
  2. Mention some events that were celebrated in England in the 18th century
  3. How does the Greek philosophy influence the modern generation?
  4. State the philosophy of Aristotle’s law
  5. What was the major contributor to the fall of Rome?
  6. What did Caligula achieve?
  7. What was Britain’s source of strength in the war against the Romans?
  8. Contributions to the growth of Mesopotamia

Illustration topics on modern history

  1. Effects of the supreme court on the American History
  2. An illustration essay about the gilded age
  3. What caused the great depression?
  4. Causes of world war 1
  5. What led to the United States leaving Vietnam?
  6. What contributed to the rise of Feminism and how does it affect today’s world?
  7. Describe the growth of technology innovation in England
  8. Does the European Union help Europe keep the peace?

Illustration essay topics on transport

  1. How do electric cars affect the future of transportation?
  2. Why are people skeptical about fully accepting electric cars?
  3. How does transport contribute to a rise in globalization?
  4. The future of transportation
  5. Are hydraulics the reason bridges can withstand heavy weight?
  6. Reasons why people should take up bicycles as the preferred means of transport as opposed to vehicles
  7. Why should free transport be made compulsory?
  8. List psychological theories popular in the 19th century
  9. What can you describe as humanism?
  10. What does Kohlberg’s theory state?

Illustration topics on education studies

  1. Different childhood experiences since 1950
  2. Doe online education works best than face-to-face?
  3. What makes a quality teacher?
  4. What is a student-centered mode of learning?
  5. Communication technology and its benefit in the education sector

Bottom line

An illustration essay is used to provide information on chosen ideas and subject matters. You can express your feelings on the given subject whether from experience or just views. Support your take with relevant and strong evidence always.

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