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Identification and Assessment of Communication Disorders

Identification and Assessment of Communication Disorders

Most communication disorders go undetected at the onset due to misguided and inaccurate attitudes towards the disorders. Children can be helped to overcome the problems associated with communication disorders if these disorders are discovered and addressed early (Heward, 290). As such, parents should be guided on accessing professional assessment and evaluation of speech impairment.

The identification and assessment of communication disorders topic, as presented on the website, is critical because it aims to empower parents on ways to detect communication disorders in their children. According to the website, most children with autism show signs of communication disorders during their early stages of life (Hyman et al., 145). However, many parents lack the knowledge of how to detect this disorder due to misinformation about the condition and the growing number of autistic children with communication disorders (Heward, 291). The article, therefore, empowers parents to seek clinical intervention measures when they notice abnormalities in their children’s developmental milestones. As such, seeking early intervention measures through diagnosis and assessment will help parents understand how to help children with these disorders develop effective measures that aim to help children learn the language like other children. Additionally, the article empowers parents to understand the risk factors of autism spectrum disorders. Conclusively, the resource will not only empower parents on ways to detect autism disorders in children but also on how to seek medication and strategies to empower children with these disorders.


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Identification and Assessment of Communication Disorders

Identification and Assessment of Communication Disorders

Choose one topic from Chapter 8. Find a website for the chosen topic with additional information that you could give to parents. List the topic, and the website, and give a summary (8-10 sentences) of how this resource will help parents of children with Communication Disorders.
The book is named: Exceptional Children: An Introduction to Special Education. 10th Edition. Heward, W.L. (2012)

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