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HW Journal- Human Development

HW Journal- Human Development

The First Reading


Human development must be understood not only as a biological and psychological process but also as a cultural process.

Individuals develop as members of a community, and to understand them, it is essential to analyze the practices and circumstances within their communities that have influenced their behavior patterns.

Rogoff (2005) asserts that development in human beings happens due to their participation in community activities.

When comparing individuals, it is also important to consider similar situations within varied cultures.

Key Takeaway

Families should devise culturally appropriate ways to care for young children because they help them fit and adapt to changing circumstances.


Is culture a more critical aspect of human development than biological, social, and psychological factors?

Second Reading


Brain development in children is mainly dependent upon a favorable environment of relationships.

Secure mother-child relationships largely depend upon the surrounding positive relationships.

Children born in families characterized by violence tend to be mentally detached due to a lack of trust in their caregivers.

Excessive stress disrupts the architecture of brain development.

Through positive relationships, children learn how to think, understand and communicate.


Playing with children forms a bond that strengthens relationships, hence encouraging children to explore, observe, experiment, and solve problems.


How does bonding between parents and a child develop?



Culturally sustaining pedagogy is an aspect that aims to promote equality across various ethnic communities by helping people to access opportunities.

The aspect of culturally sustaining pedagogy could be applied to critique and question dominant power structures today (Kirkland, 2020).

It empowers students to view others as equally important, building on peace and harmony.


When applied in education, culturally sustaining pedagogy aims to center communities by creating a room to accommodate differences, helping validate multiple perspectives in the classroom.


What is a practical example of culturally sustaining pedagogy?


Kirkland, D. E. (2020). Culturally Responsive Sustaining Pedagogy Framework.

Rogoff, B. (2005). The Cultural Nature of Human Development. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology15(2), 290.

Working Paper, Harvard Center. (2004). Young children develop in an environment of relationships. National Scientific Council on the Developing Child. Summer, 1-13.


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This assignment is for my homework journal. What I need to do is for you to read both readings and watch the podcast listed below. Take notes for each reading/video/podcast and write 1 “Key” takeaway and 1 Question for each.

HW Journal- Human Development

HW Journal- Human Development

Professor instruction: “ Take notes in your HW Journal for each reading/video/podcast: 1 “Key” takeaway and 1 Question—be prepared to share in small groups.”

1st reading- Cultural Nature of Human Development (Rogoff, 2005)

Ch.1, pp. 1-18

2nd reading- Young Children Develop In an Environment of Relationships (Working Paper, Harvard Center)

Podcast: Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Pedagogy Framework (Dr. David Kirkland)

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