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How to Write a Research Essay

How to Write a Research Essay

How to Write a Research Essay

If you are in high school or college you will have to write research essays at some point. They are common and easy to compose. Learning how to write a research essay is not hard also. All you have to do is learn the steps involved in the essay writing process. In this article, we will answer questions like how do you start a research essay? And what is the basic structure of a research essay?  We will also give you a list of research essay topics you can choose from when you need to write your research essay.

What is a research essay?

A research essay can be defined as an academic paper that explores, analyzes, interprets, and issues in-depth details on a particular topic. To structure the perfect paper you will need to gather information relevant to the topic, assess the sources, mix the ideas up, and come up with a perfectly written paper.

Research essays will also help a student develop their communication skills, writing skills, ability to conduct research, and critical thinking. Your ability to come up with original contributions towards the subject matter will also be tested.

Steps for writing a research essay

If you have a research essay to write then this step-by-step guide will teach you how to write a research essay.

  1. Select a topic

Choosing the right topic has always been the most important part of every essay. It is not easy for students to decide on the topic that works for them. Make sure you look for a topic that is interesting to you and relates to the subject matter. You can look at our essay on the characteristics of a good topic from our website at

  1. Gather information

Take a minute to comprehend what your discussion is about. Through reading about the subject matter you will get ideas on the concepts and keywords you will come across. You will also be able to find the right sources of data for your paper.

  1. Introduce your thesis statement

Your thesis statement is part of the introduction paragraph where you let the readers know about your ideas and the purpose of the essay. Make sure there is clarity and intention as you will use the thesis statement as a guide for your paper. You will also know how to structure your essay as per your thesis statement.

  1. Organize and outline


Having an outline is very beneficial when writing a research essay. The structure you create helps you generate a purpose for each section. For instance, if your essay comprises an introduction, body, and conclusion you will be able to know the amount of information you require and where every point will fall.

  1. Assemble reliable sources

From the sources you gathered, conduct research and make sure you retrieve enough information for your essay. The sources could be books, documents, scholarly articles, journals, and any other relevant source of information. It helps when you take notes and organize your work as you continue with your research.

  1. Assess and examine the sources

You will know if you are to consider a source for your paper if it shows credibility and has relevant information to your topic. Each source you pick should offer you information that adds to your essay and has validity in any section of your essay. Look out for the author’s qualifications and if the information is up-to-date.

  1. Strong introduction

Through writing an introduction that is informative and interesting you will be able to comfortably hold the attention of your audience. Asking yourself questions like” How do you start a research essay?” is important. Use the following strategies to start your essay.

  • Use a captivating essay
  • Begin with an anecdote or a story
  • Use thought-provoking questions
  • Start with statistics and facts
  • Powerful statement
  • Start with humor
  • Use a provocative statement

. Finish the introduction by writing your thesis statement and ensuring the audience understands the context and reason for the essay.

  1. Body paragraphs

The number of body paragraphs you have in your essay depends on the instructor’s requirements. Make sure each paragraph covers a specific main point. You should have enough evidence to support your claims. Use a topic sentence to transition to the next paragraph smoothly.

  1. Cite and analyze sources

Your paper will be more credible through citation. Cite every source you have used and make sure the citation style is the same for all. Make sure you have also discussed the different angles and perspectives the authors had and how they impacted the essay.

  1. Conclusion

Summarize all the main points in the essay and restate your thesis statement. Discuss the impacts of the research essay and call your audience to make necessary changes in the name of exploration or the need to fill in available gaps.

  1. Revise and format

Go through your essay and make the necessary changes for any errors, make sure you have followed the guidelines when formatting your essay before submitting.

What is the basic structure of a research essay?

Below are the components included in the structure of your research essay.

  1. Introduction
  • Hook – Start the essay by capturing the attention of your audience
  • Context – Give background information about the topic to your readers
  • Thesis statement – it clearly explains the point you are trying to argue
  1. Body paragraphs
  • Topic sentence – This explains the main point to be discussed in the paragraph
  • Evidence – Provide factual evidence such as statistics, examples, or quotes to back up your essay
  • Analysis – What evidence do you have and how does it contribute to your thesis statement?
  • Transition sentences – they help your essay flow smoothly from one paragraph to the next
  1. Conclusion
  • Re-state thesis statement- Remind your readers what the essay was all about and the claims you wanted to make
  • Summarize main points – briefly go through the main points you addressed in the research essay
  • Call to action – What benefits come with undertaking further research and exploring available gaps in the subject matter?
  1. References
  • Your sources of information should be cited in the required citation style( MLA, APA, Harvard)

Research essay topics

The following research essay topics are diverse and you can choose one for your research essay.

  1. How is communication in relationships affected by social media?
  2. How has Artificial intelligence influenced ethics?
  3. Privacy is a concern in the new era of digital intelligence. List various strategies for improving privacy
  4. What are the pros and cons of telemedicine?
  5. Explain how stigmatizing people with mental health prevents them from getting treatment
  6. Why are people afraid of vaccines and the impacts it has and preventative measures?
  7. What is biodiversity and how is it affected by climate change?
  8. What strategies can be implemented to assist in the production and conservation of agricultural products?
  9. How is the environment affected by plastic trash and how can the government solve this situation?
  10. What are the advantages and disadvantages of online learning compared to face-to-face learning
  11. What are the challenges and benefits of implementing technology in the education system?
  12. What gaps lead to inequality in the education system and how can we address them?
  13. What causes the workplace to have biased incomes and the consequences perceived and how can we solve that?
  14. What financial changes have occurred since the rise of crypto-currency?
  15. How has the world economy been affected by wars occurring globally
  16. Different ways in which the society and political world have been influenced by art and literature
  17. What is the importance of history in the representation of events and even figures
  18. What is appropriation in the culture and how can it be solved?
  19. Discuss the connection that exists between the brain and the gut
  20. Is Gene Editing Technology good or bad?
  21. Do you believe in extraterrestrial life and are there possibilities of existence? Discuss
  22. There has been a lot of fake news being spread in the modern generation. Explain
  23. What is populism and what influences does it have on democracy
  24. Name various movements that have come up to fight for the rights of women and address gender equality issues
  25. Different areas where racial discrimination has been evident

What is a short research essay?

This is an academic paper that deals with a specific topic and submits focused research on the area of study. You have to make sure you have covered all your ideas and claims within the word count. Some characteristics of a short essay are a focused topic, brief introduction, limited body, concise research, and limited scope.

To wind up

This article has covered all the important things on how to write a research essay. We have given you a step-by-step guide on how to write a research essay and even a list of research essay topics you can use for your paper. If you have any more questions about research essays visit our website at We have also included what is included in a research essay and even offer you, online classes. We offer fast and reliable report writing services to ensure punctual delivery of your report.

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