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How to Increase Coping Skills in Parents

How to Increase Coping Skills in Parents

According to Mauldin (2019), a concept can be defined as the image or the notion that a researcher conjures up when thinking about a cluster or related observations or ideas about certain phenomena. A concept also provokes a string of ideas and thoughts associated with the main idea. Conceptualization involves coming up with concise and clear definitions of the critical concept. The key concepts that can guide the study on how to increase the coping skills of parents can be conceptualized as follows;

Concept One: Communal Participation

The first concept that the study aims to test is communal participation. To conceptualize this, the study narrows down to investigating the impacts of joint participation on coping skills. The concept will be measured by identifying the number of times or collaborative activities the parent participates in and whether it helps them improve coping skills, similar to Folkman and Lazarus’ (2012) study.

Concept Two: Family Participation

The second concept that the study aims to explore is family participation. In a more precise definition, the study will explore involvement in family activities and whether this helps parents improve their coping skills. The context differs from the first concept in that the second concept investigates participation from a narrower perspective. Accordingly, this will be determined by exploring how often the parents participate in family events and whether it helps them to improve their coping skills.

Concept Three: Parents’ Interests

The third concept will investigate whether supporting parents’ interests regarding various things helps them improve their coping skills. Supporting their interests can be meeting their expectations or providing their necessities, as Szymańska and Dobrenko (2017) suggest. Subsequently, this will be measured by how often their interests are supported and whether it helps them to improve their coping skills.


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How to Increase Coping Skills in Parents

How to Increase Coping Skills in Parents

*Define what a concept is in a research study.
Develop three concepts for a research study:

How to Increase Coping Skills in Parents

*Then, interpret how you would interpret your measures.

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