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How Schools Are Coaching Teachers to Use ChatGPT

How Schools Are Coaching Teachers to Use ChatGPT

Innovation has become an essential tool in education today. Teachers are allowing students to use AI tools to complete their assignments, hence enabling them to respond to prompts faster than before. ChatGPT has enhanced classroom communication, group collaboration, and student participation (Kasneci et al., 2023). However, despite the importance of these tools in education, there is great concern about how they should be integrated. One primary concern is that they encourage laziness among students. Therefore, as an education leader, I will discuss how teachers and students should be guided to integrate AI tools rightfully.

School leaders should ensure that instructors have access to only AI tools that positively impact learning. Additionally, guidelines should be provided to educators on how to integrate these tools and ensure they boost inclusivity in the classroom. According to Banerji (2023), the aim of having guidelines on how to apply these tools is to boost accountability and professional development for educators. The priority should be to improve teaching and learning by enhancing approaches that make learning easier. Therefore, stipulating rules to be followed is equally important in the integration of technologies as a way to ensure accountability.

Educators should be made aware of the risks of using AI. For example, most of these technologies expose teachers to privacy breaches and other security risks. Educators should understand that sometimes, these technologies produce inappropriate or wrong output (Banerji, 2023). As such, they should be advised on how to ensure data is protected from unauthorized individuals. Another risk that administrators should aim to do away with is unwanted biases associated with AI. Teachers should have mechanisms to ensure that the work submitted was done by individual students (Kasneci et al., 2023). As such, students should be educated on the dangers of submitting work done by other individuals. Therefore, to integrate AI into education, all stakeholders are responsible for playing their part effectively.


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How Schools Are Coaching Teachers to Use ChatGPT

How Schools Are Coaching Teachers to Use ChatGPT

1- How Schools are Coaching or Coaxing Teachers to use CHatGPT

Since CHatGPT and its numerous clones and adaptations spread through the internet, great interest and concerns for teachers, school leaders, and districts have surfaced. What are your thoughts as a leader to 9 let teachers and students integrate artificial intelligence (AI) apps in your school community?

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