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How Physical Disability Affects Soldiers

How Physical Disability Affects Soldiers

  1. Oliver, M. (2000, Dec 20). Disabled people in the armed forces. The Guardian. Retrieved from:

This is an article including the responses of an interview done with a British chief of defense staff on physical disability. The article is relevant because it reveals the problem of physical injury that causes disability and how it affects the capabilities of the soldiers. The British chief talks about physical disability being common after members of the military have been engaged in a war. One key issue that is highlighted in this article is that the employment prospects of affected people are negatively affected by their disability. The chief states that to be in the military one must have the physical ability to serve the country. Therefore, veterans who are physically disabled may have a hard time getting employment in the military after their injuries.

  1. Morin, R. (2011, Nov 8). For many injured veterans, a lifetime of consequences. Pew Research Center. Retrieved from:

This article is relevant because it highlights some of the major issues that members of the military have to undergo after physical disability. Some of the issues highlighted include posttraumatic stress, struggle adjusting to civilian life, difficulty meeting family needs, and lack of government assistance. This article is particularly important because its main focus is the challenges that military veterans experience as a result of their disabilities. Their physical, mental, and social well-being is negatively affected by the physical disability, thus making their lives and those of their loved ones harder.

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  1. CBS News (2008, May 11). Number of Disabled U.S. Veterans Rising. Retrieved from:

This article highlights the extent of the physical disability problem among U.S. veterans. It is relevant to the paper because it explains why the disability issue is an extensive problem that needs attention. There are millions of people in the United States living with disabilities as a result of conditions or injuries they acquired while serving in the military. The government uses billions of dollars to cater for the needs of these people.

  1. American Psychological Association (nd). Military. Retrieved from:

This is a short article highlighting some of the major psychological issues that military veterans experience when serving or after duty. It provides relevant information to understand the mental health issues that can affect disabled veterans.

  1. Aflakseir, A., & Coleman, P. G. (2009). The influence of religious coping on the mental health of disabled Iranian war veterans. Mental Health, Religion and Culture12(2), 175-190.

This article is relevant in highlighting how religion plays a role in influencing the lives of physically disabled veterans after their service. It is relevant in demonstrating how religious beliefs can make the experiences of disabled war veterans different. Generally, religion plays a big role in helping veterans to cope with the changes in their lives after being injured in a way that will force them to live with disabilities for the rest of their lives. The article demonstrates how a person’s beliefs affect how they react to the situation, thus, determining how well they adjust to their new life after being in the military.


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How Physical Disability Affects Soldiers

How Physical Disability Affects Soldiers

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