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How Genetics and Environmental Factors Impact Academic Achievement in Adoptive Children

How Genetics and Environmental Factors Impact Academic Achievement in Adoptive Children

About the Study

Dear participant, adoption is common today, and many parents prefer adoption over having their children. In this study, we examine the impacts that genetics and environmental factors have on academic investments; getting knowledge in this area is important because it contributes to the body of knowledge in this area. Most importantly, undertaking a study in this area will help the researchers understand how learners are affected in their learning processes by these two factors. By participating in this research, you will contribute greatly to revealing the facts behind the impact that genes and the environment have on the way adopted learners perform academically. Also, as adults who will interact with children in the future, participating in this research will allow you to gather information on how and what likely affects adoptive learners’ academic performance. The responses to this survey will help the researchers determine the factors that can prevent poor performance among adaptive learners.


Please answer these questions alone without anyone’s help and as clearly as you possibly can. Do not write your name or give any information that reveals your identity.


  1. Tick appropriately:

Male                ___

Female            ___

Others (Explain): __________________

Were your parents foster parents or biological parents? Tick appropriately.

A. Foster Parents              B.  Biological

How would you describe your parenting style? Tick appropriately.

  1. Authoritative (Parents who are nurturing, responsive, and supportive)
  2. Authoritarian (Strict parents who give no room for negotiation)
  3. Neglectful (Parents who do not care or respond to their child’s needs)

Describe the type of family you were brought up in. Tick appropriately.

  1. Close-knit family
  2. Dysfunctional family

Describe the neighborhood where you were brought up. Tick appropriately.

  1. Suburb
  2. Rural
  3. Crowded urban areas

How would you describe the school you went to? Tick appropriately.

  1. Public Institutions
  2. Rural school
  3. Private school

How would you describe your academic performance when you were younger? Tick appropriately.

  1. Above average
  2. Average
  3. Below average

What was your GPA in high school? Tick appropriately.

Above 3.1

Below 3.1

How can you rate your family background’s contribution to your academic performance? Tick appropriately.

Very Supportive


Not Supportive

Was any of your biological parents excellent or gifted in academics or any intellectual area? Tick appropriately.

  1. Yes
  2. No


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For this assignment, you will submit a draft of all items and questionnaires that will be given to the participants in your study. The items and questions should be listed in the exact order that they will be given to participants. You may use questionnaires that you have designed, questionnaires used in previous research, or any combination thereof. Your instructor will provide feedback so that these materials may be improved before data collection.

How Genetics and Environmental Factors Impact Academic Achievement in Adoptive Children

How Genetics and Environmental Factors Impact Academic Achievement in Adoptive Children

***Important information****

Note that you are required to use Southern New Hampshire University students as research participants by using the PSY 510/520 Lounge in SNHUConnect (link is located in the left-hand navigation menu). You are strictly prohibited from using individuals outside of Southern New Hampshire University as research participants.

***The survey is emailed only! It is not in person.***

My topic is adoption and how genetics and environmental factors impact academic achievement in adoptive children.
My hypothesis: a hypothesis that adopted children excel at school compared to biological children.

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