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How Does MKTG Manager Focus on Sustainability Tasks and Activities Ques

 How Does MKTG Manager Focus on Sustainability Tasks and Activities Ques

How Sustainability Informs a Marketing Manager’s Tasks and Activities

A focus on sustainability informs the marketing strategies and selected marketing activities. According to Goworek (2017), sustainable marketing activities should be customer-oriented innovative, focus on customer value, create a sense of mission marketing, and embrace societal marketing. As a marketing manager, I need to align the company’s marketing activities to the core values valued by the organization and its stakeholders. I also need to organize our marketing activities from a customer’s point of view and their social interests.

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Companies That Have Incorporated Sustainable Practices

Nike is among the brands that have embraced sustainable practices to establish a good relationship with its customers and stakeholders. For example, the company has been using recycled waste plastics to manufacture swimwear, thus protecting the environment from pollution (Mahirova, 2021). The company is also exploring other options to be more sustainable by reducing carbon emissions and creating durable products with minimum environmental impact. One of the advantages of taking a sustainable approach is that it creates goodwill from the community, thus increasing support from the community for easier acquisition of raw materials and customer reach. Another advantage of taking a sustainable approach is increased competitive advantage due to a good brand image.

Partnerships and Collaborations For Maintaining Effective Sustainability Practices

A company might partner or collaborate with suppliers to maintain effective sustainability practices. Partnering with suppliers gives a company access to raw materials that support its sustainable practices and facilitates the development of a code of conduct aligned with sustainable practices. For example, a company may partner with suppliers and create a code of conduct that requires the suppliers to use renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainability’s Contribution to Customer Satisfaction

According to Thompson & Norris (2021), the main goal of sustainability is to enhance corporate citizenship. Therefore, sustainability plays a significant role in establishing a good relationship with customers, thus enhancing customer loyalty. It also increases customer satisfaction by ensuring that a business or organization puts customers’ interests first in terms of product quality and accessibility. For instance, sustainable practices focusing on producing high-quality, durable products increase customer satisfaction.


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Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

As a marketing manager, how does a focus on sustainability inform your tasks and activities?

How Does MKTG Manager Focus on Sustainability Tasks and Activities Ques

How Does MKTG Manager Focus on Sustainability Tasks and Activities Ques

Pick a company or brand you are familiar with and share an example of how the company has incorporated sustainable practices. Why is it important to take a sustainable approach?
What partnerships and collaborations might a company enter into in order to maintain effective sustainability practices?
How might sustainability contribute to customer satisfaction?

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates or your faculty member. Be constructive and professional.

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