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House of Rep and Senate

House of Rep and Senate

The House of Representatives, or the ‘people’s house,’ was created for the governmental representation of ordinary citizens. Each member of the House serves for two years. Members of the House are voted in by the people, which shows the will of the citizens. States do not have equal representation in the House. The number of representatives in the House has grown significantly as the States and population continue to grow. Today, there are 435 seats in Congress, which is equivalent to the districts (, 2020). While this figure may change the following census, the country’s administration has tried to ensure that all states enjoy equitable representation. The age requirement for members of the House is a minimum of 25 years. The individuals must have been American citizens for at least seven years. All House members can be re-elected after their term is over. One must also reside in the states they wish to represent (Dautrich, Yalof, & Bejarano, 2018).

The Senate is a house that represents States. According to the 17th amendment of the constitution in 1913, the citizens elect each senator. The Senate was created to function as a protection against radical changes in the House of Representatives. A senator’s term lasts for six years. However, not all senators qualify for reelection after two years. A third of the Senate can be re-elected, which caps the seats to thirty-four annually. The minimum age requirement is 30 years of age. One must also have been an American citizen for at least nine years. Each state is represented by two senators, which brings the number of members of the Senate to one hundred (Dautrich, Yalof, & Bejarano, 2018). We offer assignment help with high professionalism.

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House of Rep and Senate

House of Rep and Senate

Compare and contrast the House of Representatives with the Senate, explicitly noting the size of each and the accountability of each House to the people.

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