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Homeland Security-Strategies for Counter-Terrorism

Homeland Security-Strategies for Counterterrorism

The Department of Homeland Security has employed various strategies to counter terrorism and terrorist organizations. Some of those strategies include creating a nationwide center for investigating suspected terrorist activities, funding counter-terrorism, and enhancing security checks at all border points. This department has also launched a campaign with other organizations to encourage citizens to report any suspected terrorist activity to the appropriate authorities immediately. Moreover, the department has also set up a passenger data record that identifies and vets any individual who has traveled from another country and displays suspicious activity (Willard et al., 2021). This data system has helped detect and thwart terrorist activities in the past.

During the Obama administration, a new Mexico border security plan was introduced as it was noted terrorist groups had made use of the border to promote terrorism. The Obama administration was also able to take down the infamous Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Subsequently, the Obama administration also improved the cyber security framework, identifying that terrorism has infiltrated cyberspace. Furthermore, during this time, the Obama administration launched a new campaign to fight international organized crime. The campaign included an executive order and a presidential proclamation (Silke, 2018). In the previous administration of George Bush, America faced the most significant terrorist attack when the Twin Towers were taken down using hijacked passenger planes. The administration sent troops to a foreign nation, Afghanistan, to destroy the terrorist organization known as the Taliban. The Bush administration was also a pioneer in the fight against weapons of mass destruction and was responsible for the capture and execution of Saddam Hussein. However, the administration received criticism for their efforts since the weapons of mass destruction were never found.


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Homeland Security-Strategies for Counter-Terrorism

Homeland Security-Strategies for Counter-Terrorism

What are the major elements of the National Strategy for Counterterrorism, and how do they match up with the Obama Administration’s counterterrorism actions? How do they compare with the previous administration’s efforts?

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