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Home Try-On

Home Try-On: Now You Can Try on Five Frames in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Shopping online is a high activity for a lot of consumers. Many people avoid shopping online because of the fear of not liking the products once they are delivered. This risk is particularly high in a business that sells frames, such as Warby Parker. The following is a plan for Warby Parker to improve the experiences of its customers’ online shopping for eyewear by reducing the online shopping risks associated with fitting frames.


Warby Parker is an online retailer of eyewear. This company sells prescription and sunglasses. The company primarily sells its products through its online website but has a few retail locations in the United States and Canada. A majority of Warby Parker’s customers shop online, which can be challenging. Frames look different on different face types. Therefore, it is hard to predict how frames will look before trying them on. The sizes of the frames may also not fit all face types. Therefore, a lot of customers are reluctant to shop online. They fear the possible disappointment they might experience once their purchases are delivered and they do not like them. This shopping risk is affecting Warby Parker’s sales. The company’s site gets a lot of visitors but has a low conversion rate because many people decide not to buy. Warby Parker needs a solution to improve online sales.

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Warby Parker has found an appropriate solution to improve customers’ online shopping confidence. The company’s new marketing idea, “Home Try-On: Now you can try on five frames in the comfort of your own home,” helps customers try on their preferred frames from their homes. This new service will enable the company to send customers five frames to try on from the comfort of their homes and then decide the ones they eventually want to purchase. The company will take back the rest of the frames. The customers will have a chance to get the opinions of their family and friends before they spend money to get their preferred frames or sunglasses. This idea will be effective in instilling confidence in the customers. They will be confident they are spending their money on something they truly like and would wear. It is also a way to build trust between the company and its customers. The idea of sending frames for try-on requires trust in the target customers. Therefore, this new idea will be a way of developing better customer relationships. Trust is important to good consumer relationship management (Buttle, F., & Maklan, S. (2019). The Home Try-On activity will increase successful sales of sunglasses while improving customer satisfaction rates from online shopping.


Given the potential benefits of the new Home Try-On idea, it is recommended that Warby Parker implement it. The company should develop a framework for sending the consumers the five frames that they need to try on. The consumers will then try the frames and send back the ones they are unwilling to buy.

However, it is important to understand the possible risks that are associated with the idea. This framework is based on trust. The company has to trust that the customers will return the frames they will not buy and that they will responsibly handle them once in their possession to avoid damages. Nonetheless, in addition to the trust, strategies need to be put in place to minimize losses of frames that have not been purchased. A recommended strategy for achieving this is sending the try-on frames at a percentage of the value of the frames. When customers return the ones they are unwilling to buy, their money will be refunded. This strategy will discourage consumers from getting try-on frames they are unwilling to buy. Because of the financial commitment, customers will mainly get try-on frames that they consider buying. Lastly, the company should also draft a policy describing the customers’ responsibility of caring for the frames once delivered to them, with the customers being liable for damages incurred due to negligence and inappropriate use of the frames. This strategy will ensure the customers take good care of the frames to avoid damages and protect the company from incurring additional expenses due to damaged goods.


Selling products on an online website can be significantly challenging. Customers may be challenged in choosing the right products, especially when the products need to be tried on. The new “Home Try-On: Now you can try on five frames in the comfort of your own home” campaign aims to help consumers make better decisions by allowing them to try on five frames and return the ones they are not willing to buy. This idea will benefit Warby Parker by increasing sales since customers will have a chance to choose the frames that they like before they can make their final decision.


Buttle, F., & Maklan, S. (2019). Customer relationship management: concepts and technologies. Routledge.


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Home Try-On: Now You Can Try on Five Frames in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Business Proposal Assignment

You work as a communication specialist at Warby Parker, reporting to co-CEO David Gilboa. Using the skills you’ve been practicing in this course, respond to this challenge:

You’re helping Gilboa prepare a report about the company. Gilboa characterizes the report as a “public business

Home Try-On

Home Try-On

plan,” in that it will discuss the company and its objectives, strategies, and operations without disclosing the sort of confidential information that a typical business plan includes. The secondary audience includes potential investors, employees, and business partners.

To help overcome shoppers’ reluctance to buy eyewear online, Warby Parker offers Try-On in the stores, giving them to opportunity order five pairs of frames, try them on in the stores, then decide which pair they would like to order. This gives shoppers lots of time to try on the frames they are considering and get the opinions of family and friends.

On the job (Internal, Unsolicited Proposal)

Write a 3-5 page internal proposal to your boss or supervisor. Select one of the topics below listed as A-D, and make sure to include it as one of your headings. Remember to include additional headings or sub-headings for each section in the proposal that explain this program- i.e. Introduction, Background, Solution Recommendations, and Conclusion. Make sure to correctly identify and analyze your audience, as well as any possible secondary audiences. Usually, the person to whom you submit your proposal is in a position to order the implementation of the change recommended.

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