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Home School and Community Relations-Carol Gestwicki

Home School and Community Relations-Carol Gestwicki

Chapter 13 of the book Home, School & Community Relations discusses how programs and schools can provide more than traditional meetings designed to give parents information about their children’s education and the school to increase the likelihood of parents participating in their children’s education. The author reviews the programs used to promote parent education, the main principles embraced in parents’ education, and the assumptions of parents’ education. The main concepts that I learned from the chapter include the following:

Parent education focuses on offering parents a new understanding and knowledge, support for parenting roles, personal growth and self-awareness, marital roles, relationships within the community and adult roles, opportunities to question daily habits and thinking, and helping to develop new strategies needed in relationships with children (Gestwicki 417).

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Parent education also involves equipping parents with attitudes and support that encourage them to use and depend on what they know, support what they are doing, encourage sharing experiences among parents, and expose them to new ideas (Gestwicki 422).

The main assumptions of parent education suggest that parents can learn, knowledge is not enough to develop parenting competence, parenting is characterized by the existence of a knowledge base exists about effective forms of parent behavior, all parents require help with acquiring knowledge and expertise on how to handle the parenting role, parents can often learn best from each other, parents learn best when what they are learning is closely related to them and their children. Lastly, parents adapt their own learning strategies (Gestwicki 423-424).

The principles embraced by family support programs include recognizing the need to collaborate with the entire community and family, a dedication to the family as an active participant in planning and implementing the programs, acknowledging the importance of promoting cultural diversity and focusing on strength-based programming and needs assessment (Gestwicki 416).

Parents receive Effectiveness Training, which includes teaching them techniques such as effective conflict resolution, i-messages, and active listening (Gestwicki 418).

Parent Effectiveness Training mainly focuses on helping parents develop communication skills that help them counsel their children regarding their feelings and behavior and resolve conflicts between them (Gestwicki 418).

Parents also undergo an Active Parenting Today program that offers various parenting programs using workbooks and videotapes in structured sessions with trained leaders (Gestwicki 419).

AVANCE Parenting Education provides parenting education, adult higher and basic education, social support, youth programs, early childhood education, and personal development (Gestwicki 420).

The Center for the Improvement of Child Caring is vital in helping minority parents acquire parent education (Gestwicki 420).

The main problems encountered in implementing parent education include lack of interest or initial recruitment problems, group management problems, and conflict in values and views (Gestwicki 425).


Gestwicki, Carol. “Working with Families from Diverse Backgrounds.” Home, School & Community Relations, 9th ed., Cengage Learning, 2016, pp. 412–440.


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home, school, and community relations by Carol Gestwicki is the book.
After reading the chapter, you will need to write a paragraph (8-10 sentences) for the chapter, generally describing what the chapter covered, and then list 10 ideas/concepts that you learned while reading.

Home School and Community Relations-Carol Gestwicki

Home School and Community Relations-Carol Gestwicki

Please number the list of 10 items you learned so that it is easy to see that you have met the requirements, and be sure to write in complete sentences; simply typing terms from the chapter is not adequate.

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