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Home Health-Home Care Options Available for the Elderly

Home Health-Home Care Options Available for the Elderly

The senior citizens who do not meet the Medicaid requirements can be taken care of under Assisted Living and adult foster care. The new 2021 bill, Choose Home Care Act, will allow particular Medicare beneficiaries to have extended Medicare services like rehabilitation and skilled nursing in their homes for up to 30 days after surgeries or hospitalizations (Sudo, 2021). This will help those not qualified for skilled care receive traditional home health services. Besides, according to Sudo (2021), the bill is expected to give home health agencies expanded pay that will be used for home-based care services alongside traditional health services. The home care visit requirements for Medicare include: the beneficiary has to be homebound, they must need skilled services, they must require intermittent care, and they must have a physician’s order (Jaffe, 2019).

The dynamic healthcare policies have proven to be inconsistent, negatively affecting paid healthcare providers, recipients, and their families. For instance, Medicare covers only short-term care, making many U.S. citizens unable to afford or purchase long-term healthcare insurance (Boling, 2010). This leaves senior citizens without alternatives as other healthcare providers try to find local charities and alternative programs to attend to such senior citizens.

The inconsistent policies have also resulted in unskilled caregivers who depend heavily on payment from the government. Boling (2010) found that care recipients who qualify for Medicaid are attended to by unskilled paid caregivers who may be available in the homes for four to sixteen hours a day. This leaves the senior citizens vulnerable during the hours that they are unavailable. Also, poor administration brought about by the privatization of public benefits delays reimbursement. For instance, Medicare runs almost every Medicare fund to pay for real care, leading to overuse and fraud (Boling, 2010). Boling (2010) argues that some people divorce to secure Medicaid, reflecting a step backward in health care services for senior citizens. That is, demand is more than supply.


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Home Health-Home Care Options Available for the Elderly

What are some of the home care options available for the elderly who do not meet the criteria for skilled care? Discuss the home care visit requirements for Medicare. Include your views of the dynamic health policies that are now affecting reimbursement for these services. Do you see this as a step forward or a step backward in terms of overall services to the elderly? Support your answer with two or three peer-reviewed resources

Home Health-Home Care Options Available for the Elderly

Home Health-Home Care Options Available for the Elderly

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