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Holistic Alter-Ego

Holistic Alter-Ego

Every person desires to live a healthy life without diseases and health complications. However, achieving this kind of life is not a walk in the park based on individual requirements and needs. There are numerous things that I may forego or sacrifice to achieve the healthy life that I desire. This includes engaging in adequate physical exercise, eating a balanced diet, continuously learning about leading a healthy life, and having regular medical checkups. This study incorporates an alter-ego in applying holistic health concepts to healthy living (Eliopoulos, 2010).

My alter ego is called Natalie. Natalie is sincere, honest, hardworking, friendly, brave, and intelligent. She is short and lean, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a heart of gold. Although Natalie is soft-spoken, she gets agitated quite fast when provoked or fails in a task that she engages in. She has asthma, a condition that she has lived with since childhood. Natalie likes wearing bright-colored clothes reflecting her energy, movement, and excitement. In addition, she feels more extroverted, alive, and more engaged with the world, which gives her a sense of belonging. Natalie likes playing chess and swimming. She is a top academic performer and volunteers in the local community to tutor other students and help in other capacity-building activities. However, like everyone else, Natalie struggles to live a healthy life, mainly because she is engaged in many activities and because she has asthma.

Intending to lead a healthy life, Natalie believes in eating a healthy and balanced diet rich in vitamins that boost her immunity. Additionally, she avoids consuming too many calories and foods rich in cholesterol since this may lead to obesity, high blood pressure, and heart-related complications (Eliopoulos, 2010). Although Natalie has used an inhaler for the better part of her life, she has learned a few techniques that she can use if she suffers an asthma attack. This has led to tremendous progress in her health since she no longer depends on an inhaler to counter her asthma attacks.

Additionally, Natalie regularly exercises, including jogging for one hour thrice a week, swimming every weekend, and attending the gym for aerobic sessions in the evenings thrice a week. Some exercises she engages in at the gym include dumbbell lifting, sit-ups, squats, rope skipping, treadmill, and barbell lifting. These are essential exercises since they significantly reduce the risks of cancer-related complications, obesity, respiratory complications, and artery diseases (Agarwal, 2018). Additionally, practices mitigate the chances of suffering from depression and anxiety-related conditions. Natalie goes for regular medical checkups, which keep her updated on her medical status. Additionally, this assists her in combatting any medical condition that may be detected during the checkups early enough before they transpire into other severe illnesses.

Health is a vital component of human life. Ideally, an individual’s health is their most incredible wealth; therefore, considerable measures should be implemented to live a healthy life. A good eating program has been proven to reduce numerous health complications significantly (Eliopoulos, 2010). Additionally, exercises assist in keeping the body fit, and combining this with a balanced diet yields positive health outcomes, as attested through regular medical checkups.


Agarwal, V. (2018). Complementary and alternative medicine provider knowledge discourse on holistic health. Frontiers in communication, 15.

Eliopoulos, C. (2010). Invitation to holistic health: A guide to living a balanced life. Jones & Bartlett Learning.


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Holistic Alter-Ego

Holistic Alter-Ego

Make up a Holistic alter-ego for yourself. Please give them a name, then describe their qualities, looks, strengths, and how they live healthy, well-balanced lives. Consider what we have discussed in this course and what an “ideal” picture of health, including all dimensions of wellness, would look and feel like.
Journal Requirements:
1) 1.5 – 2 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman
2) Use of textbook, PowerPoints, and Course resources
3) No additional research is necessary – use your knowledge, experience, and creativity to create this “ideal” alter-ego.
4) Must submit on time; no late submissions will be accepted.

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