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Hero Builder Case Study

Hero Builder Case Study

The case study presented is descriptive. A descriptive study is defined by Schindler (2019) as attempting to determine who, what, when, where, or how much. This can also be known as descriptive studies collecting new data, which can be combined with existing data allowing the study to be simple or complex (Schindler, 2019). General trends and an attempt to reveal other players in the market lead us to see the question of “who” being considered by the researcher. Additionally, Vicale decided to research the potential for the action figure business. “Starting with the Internet, Vicale found dozens of companies were involved worldwide, some big and some small” (case study). The case study also explains exploratory research findings that inspired Vicale’s interest. The evidence of the size of the action figure business, combined with an appreciation and immeasurable level of respect for the heroes of 9/11, led to the launch of an e-commerce business to sell action figures based on modern-day heroes.

Exhibit 2-1 lays out actions that deliver effective Research. Schindler (2019) states that to clearly define a purpose, thoroughly plan and execute the research design, apply high ethical standards, adequately analyze decision makers’ needs, frankly reveal limitations, and report findings unambiguously, justifying insights and conclusions. Clippinger (2019) states, “the business plan combines vision and often novelty with concrete information to offer a thorough, coherent argument for the proposed business.”

Before launching the hero and villain action figures business, conducted a preliminary test study. With this research method, found the general information to find and understand competition when available in the given market. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). Although this type of Research was less structured than

Descriptive Research allowed sufficient flexibility, efficiency, and accuracy to evaluate the basic data required, which was later used to make it more formal and structured. (Christopher, Payne & Ballantyne, 2002).

  • Vicale researched online whether it was possible to make action figures such as heroes and markets that could be a lucrative
  • Vicale also surveyed retail stores, calculating how many items were taken from the store.
  • Vicale also consulted with a lawyer to make sure that his proposal would be a legal entity (because of the people who would be repeating )
  • Customer research to see if such a market could be
  • Action statistics test to see if doing some action statistics would be

The kind of Research Mr. Vicale did was not well scrutinized as a description of the experimental design to better understand something that previously had little or no knowledge. Mr. Vicale started his business by satisfying his hobby as he did and collecting historic themes. When he saw the care that his 911 doll received, he did the above Research by starting an online search for action statistics and later found out that their main market and that Hasbro was the forerunner.

His mistake was that he had also to use a non-experimental research design to see the causal relationship and the effect his dolls would have on the larger market (DJS, 2009). A way to improve would have been to assess the media and public response better, and this would have been a better position to deal with the situation ended up successfully and effectively.

Lastly, he had to use descriptive research while, although not very consistent, he would provide valuable information on whether the company was ready to launch, what framework it would follow, and many other ignored planned issues (Rutgers, 2009).

Although has been successful in business and increased in popularity, we saw a few key issues left by Mr. Vicale and created research spaces to be considered before marketing. It would appear that Mr. Vicale focused mainly on his passions without putting enough effort into how e-commerce and businesses are evolving to succeed in a dynamic world. “Businesses are increasingly involved, as well as citizens, policy groups, the media, and a range of other parties” (2016).

Additionally, Mr. Vicale did not state that any effort was put into promoting his new product, researching competitors’ pricing models, identifying buyers, or any distribution channels. My research program would include these items in hopes of success.

Finally, this case study reminds me to go back to the basics and follow a good definition of Research. Research is “a systematic process of acquiring knowledge and learning about life and society” (2017). Mr. Vicale may have taken this definition to heart slightly too much, but if I began a research program on this topic, I would keep this in mind.


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1.) Which of the four types of studies are presented in this case?

Hero Builder Case Study

Hero Builder Case Study

2.) Using Exhibit 2-1 criteria, evaluate the Research that conducted before launching its hero and villain action figure business.

3.) What issues, other than those Vicale chose to evaluate, would you have included in your research plan for

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