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Healthcare Essay Response

Healthcare Essay Response

My Connection to the Community as a Healthcare Provider

Since March 2016, I have assisted the neighbourhood as a medical professional at a Level 1 trauma centre and charity hospital, Hennepin Health Care. I’m drawn to this environment because I work with patients from different backgrounds. As a bilingual healthcare professional fluent in Amharic and English, I can directly assist patients who may not have access to interpreters or insurance elsewhere through Hennepin Health Care. There is an enormous opportunity to improve the health of our community, with a daily average of 4,000 patients and their families seeking care. This includes focusing on particular populations. I work with patients diagnosed with various mental health issues, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, suicidal thoughts and depression, anxiety, and drug use disorder, in my role in mental health, specifically acute psychiatry. I offer direct care, support, and treatment to individuals battling mental illness and drug abuse every day. To better serve the community as a provider, I am determined to pursue graduate-level education despite a shortage of mental health professionals.

I am incredibly qualified for this program because I am committed to helping marginalized populations and have a strong sense of community. I am aware of the difficulties experienced by patients who might need access to high-quality medical care and the obstacles they confront because of language problems, insurance issues, and other issues. Being multilingual enables me to close that gap and give patients who might otherwise experience communication problems care appropriate for their culture.

Why I Care about This Setting and Would Like to Continue Working There

Because of the significant impact I can have on patients’ lives in the community, I am passionate about working at Hennepin Health Care and staying in this position. I am passionate about delivering high-quality, easily accessible healthcare to people from all walks of life, particularly those facing care barriers. In my opinion, every person deserves the help and resources they require to enjoy the best possible health. I have the chance to improve the lives of patients dealing with mental health issues and drug misuse because I work at Hennepin Health Care, and I’m dedicated to carrying on with my work to support the health of the patient population I serve.

How My Experiences Will Impact Healthcare Outcomes for the Patient Population

I am convinced I can significantly influence the healthcare outcomes for the patient group I serve based on my experiences as a healthcare practitioner at Hennepin Health Care. I have honed my skills in assessing and diagnosing a range of illnesses while offering efficient treatments and interventions, focusing on mental health and substance misuse. I can guarantee that my patients receive the finest quality care, resulting in improved healthcare outcomes, by adopting evidence-based techniques and staying current with the most recent research in the field. I am committed to eliminating healthcare inequities and ensuring everyone has fair access to care.

I can effectively communicate with patients who may experience language challenges because I am a bilingual healthcare professional proficient in Amharic and English. I can give them clear and understandable information about their diseases, treatment options, and prescription recommendations. As a result, there are fewer opportunities for misconceptions, patients are more compliant, and better healthcare results are achieved overall. I also strongly believe in the empowerment and education of patients. I give my patients the tools they need to participate actively in their healthcare by educating them about their diseases, treatment options, and self-care techniques. This supports healthier lifestyle choices, better self-management of chronic illnesses, and leads to better health outcomes.


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Healthcare Essay Response

Healthcare Essay Response

Describe your connection to the community as a healthcare provider.
Explain why you care about this setting and would like to continue working there
Share how your experiences will impact healthcare outcomes for the patient population you or your students will be serving.

Please provide an essay describing how you, as a health care provider, have ties to the community, why you care about this setting and would like to continue working there, and how your experiences will change the health care outcomes of the patient population you serve or will be serving. Per state statute, preference is given to those applicants who can demonstrate cultural competencies. Note: All applicants have similar education backgrounds; describe what makes you uniquely qualified for this program.

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