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Healthcare Changes in the U.S

Healthcare Changes in the U.S

There is arguably no bigger opportunity that would transform the nursing practice to improve healthcare than via technology. For a long time, information technology has been utilized to support payments and billing but has also been overly crucial in providing care as a help to decision-making and documentation (Shalala et al., 2011). Monitoring and diagnostic machines have played a significant role in treating heart diseases, cancer, and other diseases. A great example, as cited by the IOM, is the new health system that minimized errors in the dosing and prescription of drugs and enhanced timeliness by using internet-based communication such as telemedicine and e-visits (Shalala et al., 2011). The ARRA- American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has laid important and meaningful usage and adoption of meaningful health information technology (Shalala et al., 2011). This has strengthened the standards for the maintenance of security and privacy of health information. Another change is the spread of nurse innovation, such as programs led by AACN- American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (Hostetter & Klein, 2022). These programs charge hospitals to coach nurse teams in the identification of problems and the development of new approaches. Recent projects have encouraged sepsis recognition and this has helped in the avoidance of pressure injuries among patients diagnosed with COVID-19 virus (Hostetter & Klein, 2022).

With new healthcare information systems, nurses may face the challenge of familiarizing themselves with the new systems, especially if the system is complex and not user-friendly. Even user-friendly systems may require training for the nurses to get used to it (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). In addition, these changes may bring up demand for new IS positions, such as network engineers, user interface designers, cyber and security professionals, systems analysts, and web and infrastructure developers, among others (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). This may pose a challenge in hiring what nurses need in healthcare, and the salaries may be high.

Healthcare delivery changes from any nation may affect global health. For example, when a country engages in private and public partnerships to eradicate illnesses among underserved and poor communities, the spread of diseases may be reduced, as in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, this kind of delivery is likely to strengthen global partnerships, such as the program supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide health education and clean water in sub-Saharan Africa (Bashir, 2011).

The most reliable news sources for information about healthcare include the World Health Organization, the National Institutes of Health, and the Center for Disease Control. There may be slight potential biases in the news sources because most of them are Western-based and Western-focused.


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Topic: Healthcare Changes

What recent or future changes in the U.S. healthcare delivery system and global agencies do you think will provide an opportunity for nursing to improve healthcare?

Healthcare Changes in the U

Healthcare Changes in the U.S

What challenges will nursing face as the nation’s and global healthcare delivery changes?
How might healthcare delivery changes from any nation impact global health?
What are the major news sources that you rely on for information about healthcare? In your opinion, are there any potential biases of these sources? Please explain.

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