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Health Organization Research-Mental Health America

Health Organization Research-Mental Health America

Mental Health America (MHA) is committed to providing services that promote the population’s mental health. Based on its mission, the organization considers mental health an important aspect of an individual’s general wellness. Prevention services, early diagnosis, timely interventions, and integrated patient support services are critical strategies for achieving the mission. Recovery is the main goal (Mental Health America Inc.).

MHA provides some services, including screening, peer support, screening to support, workplace mental health services, education, advocacy, and certification. The organization’s target audience is wide and diversified. The different programs are designed to meet the needs of diverse populations. For instance, there are programs for students on campus, parents, youth, teachers, and even employees. Therefore, the non-profit organization seeks to reach out to many people without limiting their demographics or reading skills because mental health affects society (Mental Health America Inc.).

The information is useful to all stakeholder groups, including children and parents. Parents can use the organization’s services to manage their mental health and learn more about current issues. Individuals working with young children can also learn about mental problems affecting children and recommend consultation with the organization’s professionals. The website is not necessarily interesting but is quite informative and educative.

While visiting the website, I learned that May is dedicated to mental health awareness. This allows the organization’s affiliates countrywide to conduct screenings and create awareness through the media and other local events. They can reach millions of individuals through the different activities intended to create awareness (Mental Health America Inc.). Do you need urgent assignment help ? Get in touch with us at We endeavor to provide you with excellent service.


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Health Organization Research-Mental Health America

Health Organization Research-Mental Health America

Project #2: Health Organization Research
Visit a website at the back of Chapters 1 or 2 for at least 25-30 minutes and provide the following information in a one-page paper: The organization’s purpose, mission, and services the group offers. Who is the target audience? What is the reading level? How would the information be useful to parents and others working with young children? Is the website interesting? What was the most interesting thing you discovered while visiting the website?
Make sure you list the website and give the web address.

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