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Health Conditions Response- Mental Health and Mental Disorders

Health Conditions Response- Mental Health and Mental Disorders

Responding to Tiffinie

Hello Tiffinie,

I appreciate your essay on mental health and mental disorders, as well as the goal of improving the percentage of adults receiving treatment for severe mental diseases. I value your in-depth analysis of the present status of this goal and how it connects to your professional work as a nurse and a healthcare professional. Maintaining mental health is essential for overall wellness, and mental diseases can severely negatively influence people’s lives and physical well-being (Hovland et al., 2023). It is disappointing that this objective’s present status exhibits little change. The percentage of adults seeking treatment for severe mental illness increased slightly between 2018 and 2019, but it is still below the required threshold. I also concur that nurses are essential to achieving this goal and enhancing access to mental health treatments. As you said, routine mental health screenings must be included in thorough patient evaluations for early detection and rapid treatment. Nurses can help with educational programs to spread knowledge and lessen the social stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues (Valentim et al., 2023). In response to your message, I want to underline how crucial nurse collaboration is in meeting patients’ mental health issues needs. Together, we can promote policy reforms that prioritize mental health services, effectively distribute resources, and enhance the general standard of care for people with mental disorders. Interdisciplinary teamwork can also provide a holistic treatment strategy that includes medical and psychosocial interventions. I value your contributions and commitment to raising the share of adults receiving treatment for severe mental illness. With ongoing work and cooperation, we can significantly improve the lives of those with mental health conditions. I appreciate you adding to this critical conversation.


Hovland, J. F., Langeland, E., Ness, O., & Skogvang, B. O. (2023). Experiences with physical activity, health, and well-being among young adults with serious mental illness. International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-being, 18(1).

Valentim, O., Moutinho, L., Laranjeira, C., Querido, A., Tomás, C., Longo, J., Carvalho, D., Gomes, J., Morgado, T., & Correia, T. (2023). “Looking beyond mental health stigma”: An online focus group study among senior undergraduate nursing students. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 20(5), 4601.


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Health Conditions: Mental Health and Mental Disorders

Within the framework of my selected topic, Health Conditions: Mental Health and Mental Disorders, the relevant objective is to increase the proportion of adults with serious mental illness who receive treatment (Healthy People 2030, 2020; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2023).

Health Conditions Response- Mental Health and Mental Disorders

Health Conditions Response- Mental Health and Mental Disorders

As a healthcare practitioner, specifically in nursing, this objective is significant to my professional endeavors. The preservation of mental health is an indispensable facet of holistic wellness, wherein mental disorders can profoundly influence individuals’ lives, frequently infringing upon their physical well-being. The prioritization of treatment for mental health disorders is of utmost importance to optimize the overall quality of life for those impacted while concurrently mitigating the likelihood of potential comorbidities.

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