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Health Care Policy

Health Care Policy

The United States spends far more on healthcare than other developed nations but scores poorly on many measures such as life expectancy, suicide, maternal mortality and preventable hospital admissions (Commonwealth Fund, 2020). One healthcare policy that I believe should be changed is Medicare to allow coverage of all United States citizens. Medicare is a federal health insurance program that covers individuals older than 65 years, young people with disabilities and individuals with end-stage renal failure (Jacobs, 2021). Medicare for All will provide healthcare coverage for all United States citizens. It will increase the affordability and accessibility of healthcare services in the United States. This policy will ensure universal health coverage for all citizens. This will allow low-income households and discriminated persons to access healthcare services without fear of discrimination. The changes I propose to Medicare include comprehensive benefits, tax-financed healthcare programs, lifetime enrollment, and no premium for Medicare beneficiaries.

Nurses have an essential role in policy advocacy. I will utilize a political approach in advocating for changes in Medicare to cover all United States citizens. As a policy advocate, I will collaborate with other nurses from all states in the country. Through this collaboration, we will lobby politicians, policy formulators and leadership in Congress to enact legislation that will change the Medicare program. The second way I can use to advocate for change is by using professional nurses’ organizations. These organizations include the American Nurses Association (ANA). It has members from all over the country. Through the numbers, nurses can share ideas on the strategies that can be used to advocate for policy change. Furthermore, in ANA, we can conduct research that will inform leaders on the importance of changing Medicare.


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Health Care Policy

Health Care Policy

Write a response to one (or all if you wish) for the following discussion questions:

Discussion 1

What health care policy do you feel needs to be revised? What will you do to help promote change?

Discussion 2

Should we care about a policy change if the change does not apply to the department? Why or Why not?

Discussion 3

Why should a hospital have policies, and what value are they?

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