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Every human being has that intrinsic need to belong to groups. The behavior of being alone and doing everything alone is commonly frowned upon, and individuals consider such people weird. Whenever individuals are excluded from groups, they tend to feel lonely and unwanted, and some might even fall into depression. It is common for students to want to do things in groups in school. For instance, I like going to parties or shopping with my roommate or friends as this makes it more interesting; I also get to have their opinions on some of the things that I buy. Whenever I go shopping alone, particularly while buying clothes, I tend to be at a loss when faced with different options to choose from; therefore, I often end up calling some of my friends to seek their opinions. We offer assignment help with high professionalism.

This feeling of belongingness is also what drives most people into intimate relationships with other people. This intimacy brings them happiness and contentment. It also gives them a sense of purpose, the idea that maybe one exists in this world to fulfill another person’s needs. In my group of friends, everyone is dating someone. However, we have one friend who does not have a girlfriend, and whenever we go out, he tends to feel left out as most of the people in the group put direct or indirect pressure on him to start dating. As a result, this feeling of being the “odd one out” pushed him to start dating. He probably made a rash decision, but this illustrates human beings’ natural need to belong and not be excluded or considered the odd one out in any group.


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Discuss the evidence that suggests humans have a fundamental need to belong to groups.



Please Note: Answers should be written completely in your own words, not copied from the textbook or any other sources. Any question asking for examples must be original examples created by you, not examples from your textbook.

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