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Graduate-level and Undergraduate Research

Graduate-level and Undergraduate Research

The research process at the graduate and undergraduate level varies in terms of complexity and specificity. The research process was theoretical at the undergraduate level and did not involve actual fieldwork. This means that the research was conducted for a shorter period and resulted in less documentation. At this point, the learning objectives emphasized mastering or understanding the basic concepts of research processes. For this reason, the use of hypothetical samples and populations facilitates the learning process at this stage (Franklin University, 2021).

The research process is more complex, detailed, and consumes more time at the nursing graduate level. First, one must seek out an actual gap that one can research. Students create real population samples and conduct actual fieldwork. Each of these processes must be approved, which leads to more time consumption. One must also develop objectives, purposes, and methods that are applicable to the topic.

Furthermore, the research process may consume financial resources and must adhere to all the research study elements. Upon completion, students can publish their studies in journals. (Franklin University, 2021) These studies vary because the graduate-level research is intended to make an impact by adding knowledge and creating awareness as well as identifying research gaps that exist. The main impact is evident using evidence-based practice where nurses and other healthcare providers rely on current study findings (Chien, 2019; EIU, 2018).


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How is conducting graduate-level research different from the research you did in your undergraduate program?

Graduate-level and Undergraduate Research

Graduate-level and Undergraduate Research

Provide specific examples.
The DQ response must be 150-200 words and have at least one citation and one reference in APA format.

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