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Gold Mining Areas – Foreigners

Gold Mining Areas – Foreigners

It is pertinent to understand that various nonprofit organizations have undertaken initiatives to ensure that the lives of the oppressed and neglected are well-catered for. However, even though they have largely been associated with working independently, some issues would be attended to, with greater efficacy should they work together with the government. In this case, social problems such as women’s empowerment would be solved greatly when nonprofit organizations work with the government.

It is vital to note that nonprofit organizations largely depend on the government to fund their agendas. Similarly, the government also depends on these organizations to offer services to its constituents. It is, therefore, appropriate to address such a problem with a partnership because, a separate survey, found that there were extensive systematic issues in the government-nonprofit grants processes as well as contracting, which negatively impacted the capability of numerous nonprofits to serve their clients (Pettijohn, 2013). In this case, government funding is crucial in helping nonprofit organizations attain their goals. In a scenario where the government’s funding is difficult to get by nonprofits, it is the underprivileged and the organizations that bear the pain (Kettl, 2016). As such, it is obvious that imposing cuts in these organizations’ funding would significantly become a frequent occurrence. It is also vital to note that there is no way this problem can be addressed by one or the other because they are more effective when working together. A solo mission in this by nonprofit organizations would be ineffective due to the funds needed. On the other hand, when governments take on more responsibilities, it is the prerogative of the nonprofits to deliver the services.


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Gold Mining Areas - Foreigners

Gold Mining Areas – Foreigners

How did the white miners treat “foreigners” like Hispanics, Indians, and Chinese in the gold mining areas? How did the whites justify their actions?

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