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God, Humanity and Human Dignity

God, Humanity, and Human Dignity

The topic that I found interesting in the resource reading was chapter two of the coursebook entitled “God, Humanity and Human Dignity.” The section I enjoyed reading was titled “The Question of Value?” The text that stood out was that many healthcare workers view human beings as valuable and believe God is critical to their work (White, 2020). I’m in complete agreement with the concept. I remember when I was a child; I did not know what I wanted to do or the type of person I wanted to be. As I grew in Christianity, I became convicted and dedicated my life to something greater than myself. I did not want to have a profession that paid me bills, but I wanted to make a difference in society. I believe this is what led me to become a nurse. Nursing is a noble profession that requires the nurse to practice with compassion and respect the worth and dignity of all individuals (VCU Health, 2020). God is the foundation of my nursing practice

Individuals in a disease state causing limitless distress and dysfunction require help to help them alleviate the situation. In the course of their lifetime, all human beings must suffer from an illness, whether it is limited or limitless. Science and medicine have made enormous progress in making discoveries that cure and treat diseases. There are, however, some things that defy science. Some healings happen and cannot be explained by science. I believe that individuals can be healed when they believe in the healing power of God. Faith combined with healing can be a powerful tool in medicine. People can visit their physicians and receive medications for their illnesses. They can also pray and get healed. Religion and medicine complement each other. I believe that God helps those individuals who help themselves.


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What aspects of the topic readings do you find the most interesting? What is your view of the readings’ analysis of disease and healing? Explain

God, Humanity and Human Dignity

God, Humanity, and Human Dignity


Practicing Dignity: An Introduction to Christian Values and Decision-Making in Health Care

Grand Canyon University (Ed.). (2020). Practicing dignity: An introduction to Christian values and decision-making in health care.

ANA Code of Ethics

Refer to the ANA (American Nurses Association) Code of Ethics on the VCU website (2020).

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