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Goals for Transgender Patients

Goals for Transgender Patients

Goals for Transgender Patients

For the patients who desire transgender care, healthcare providers need to make use of appropriate language, be familiar with the basics of cross-sex hormone therapy and comprehend the adverse effects and risks of treatment options. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals typically face significant challenges in getting high-quality and compassionate medical care, which is majorly attributed to insufficient provider knowledge (Hashemi et al., 2018). In this paper, the goals of treatment for Daniel, a transgender person, together with the theoretical approach and treatment interventions, will be discussed.


One of the goals would be to screen Daniel for depression, anxiety, and any other mental health problems that might have resulted from the struggles that he is experiencing in his transition and relations with his parents and offer the necessary help. Once his mental health status has been assessed, Daniel will be offered the required help to enable him to manage the transition as smoothly as possible. Counselling for about six months will be provided, and a follow-up will be made to ensure that Daniel’s transition was successful and that he is able to manage any emotional and psychological turmoil resulting from the transition. The counselling will help him to manage issues of stigma on mental health, improve his body image, and also reduce internalized transphobia. The second goal would be to provide online and in-person resources for the parents of Daniel to enable them to better provide help for their son and be part of the transition process. Daniel has expressed concerns over the deteriorated relationship between himself and his parents and seeks to have stronger relations with them. For about six months, the second goal strives to offer the required counselling for the patients to alleviate fears and enable them to offer more robust support for their son. The last goal will be to offer Daniel communication and voice therapy to help him develop non-verbal and verbal communication skills that will enable him to be comfortable with his gender identity for about three months.

Theoretical Approach

A person-centred approach will be used in dealing with the case of Daniel. This involves placing the individual at the centre of the service and treating them as an individual first. This kind of approach is usually non-pathologizing, offers control to the client, and makes external discrimination and oppression visible (Stitt, 2020). The approach also makes use of empathy in the understanding of the client and requires a non-judgmental approach from the practitioner dealing with the client. A person-centred approach will be an excellent way to help Daniel in his transition, as his needs will be put first, and he will have a platform where he can freely express himself and have his issues dealt with sensitively and appropriately.

Treatment Intervention

Adolescents who experience their secondary and primary sex characteristics and the sex that is assigned at their birth is inconsistent with their gender identity are likely to be distressed about it (World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 2012).). Most gender dysphoric adolescents tend to have a strong desire for surgery and hormones. Most of the adolescents who have gender dysphoria also tend to have coexisting internalizing disorders like depression and anxiety and externalizing disorders like oppositional defiant disorder (World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 2012)). It is essential to make use of psychotherapy to help eliminate or reduce the distress that is related to gender dysphoria. This therapy should also be offered to parents and other family members who often express anxiety over the changes. Mental health practitioners need to help the family members to accept and nurture a response to the concerns of their child. Families play a vital role in the well-being and psychological health of such children (World Professional Association for Transgender Health, 2012). Psychotherapy needs to focus on providing the required support for the child, even through sex reassignment. The main goal of psychotherapy is to utilize an individual’s general psychological well-being, self-fulfilment, and well-being. Individual and family psychotherapy will be offered to Daniel and his family to help in the transition of Daniel and provide the necessary social support needed before, during, and after the transition.

Physical interventions need to address Daniel’s voice and communication skills so that he will be able to conform correctly to the gender that he would like to be identified with. Daniel wishes to move to a place where he is only identified as Daniel, and no traces of his feminine side are identified. Daniel can be referred to a speech-language pathologist who will work on his general communication and voice. An SLP can help with specialized training that will help the client explore the manner in which his communication and voice can represent him and how he can express himself in various settings (American Speech Language Hearing Association, 2021). The SLP can train Daniel on ways of using his pitch, resonance, intonation, rate, nonverbal communication, and language, among other things.


Transgender individuals tend to experience problems in healthcare due to a lack of sensitivity and competence by healthcare practitioners in dealing with them. A person-centred approach can be used to help Daniel deal with any physical, psychological, and social problems that he can encounter in the course of transition. This will also require the use of psychotherapy and other physical interventions to help him and his parents with the process.


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Goals for Transgender Patients

Goals for Transgender Patients

Reflection and Analysis Two

Daniel is a teenage transgender male who has been receiving counselling services from Ashely, an intern, for several months. He presented with struggles both at home and school. His family struggles with Daniel’s transition, and the once-strong relationships are now under severe distress. Daniel and Ashley have created a good rapport, and Daniel has shared his experiences with Ashley. He has become more open with his emotions, and in doing so, they have been able to discuss what he would like his future to hold.
In their time together, Daniel has been able to open up to Ashley. Ashley asked Daniel, what would your perfect life look like? Daniel articulated that he would like his transition from female to male to be further along, transgender hormone therapy and plastic surgery to remove the breast tissue. He desires to be attending a university and be able to participate on the swim team. Daniel desires anonymity and a fresh start where no one knows him as anything but Daniel. Lastly, Daniel wants his parents to be more supportive of his transition so that they can rebuild their relationship.

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