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Goals and Reflections

Goals and Reflections

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  1. The goals of reflection are to better understand what one does as a teacher, closely look at the impact of past experiences, and actively participate in individual growth (Friedman 29).
  2. Reflections help individuals examine their prior experiences and identify the assumptions and values they bring to teaching (Friedman 29).
  3. The things a person values and the assumptions they make influence them unconsciously (Friedman 29).
  4. Experiences shape a person’s motivations for the choices they make as teachers (Friedman 30).
  5. A portfolio is a reflection of a teacher’s work (Friedman 30).
  6. A goal statement is important because it allows individuals to formulate their thoughts about their career objectives and goals (Friedman 30).
  7. An autobiography is one of the important documents in a portfolio (Friedman 33).
  8. The main components of an autobiography include a person’s story of who they are, what shaped their desire to become a teacher, and significant influences and events in their life (Friedman 33).
  9. Teachers should develop a teaching philosophical statement that reflects on the steps an individual has taken to develop their educational career (Friedman 35).
  10. Early childhood teachers entering into the teaching practice should visit childhood education centers to get an idea of the classroom environment they hope to create for children (Friedman 35).

I found constructing a professional goals statement the most important thing in the chapter. Goals play a significant role in creating a sense of direction. Therefore, it is important to understand how to construct a good professional goal statement. The questions provided in the chapter can be used to develop a clear and professional goal statement. I also found the part on preparing for the construction of a good professional goal statement interesting because it offered some new insights I had not thought about. One of the insights was observing an early childhood setting to determine whether the field is the right choice. I found this interesting because observations can change a person’s perception of a career based on how the setting is managed. For example, a poorly managed early childhood education center may make the career seem challenging and demanding, discouraging someone interested in becoming an early childhood teacher.

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Goals and Reflections

Goals and Reflections

Find 10 points that you found important in this chapter, these points should be written in complete sentences, and numbered 1-10. Then, you will need to complete a summary paragraph (8-10 sentences) explaining what you found important or interesting in the chapter.
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