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Generalization of Modified Behavior

Generalization of Modified Behavior

The main aim of the shaping program is to reduce employee calling out and, hence, increase their attendance at work. Therefore, the three approaches that will be added to the program to increase the desired behavior are; creating a one-week paid holiday as a reward for any employee who does not call out for six consecutive months, creating a possible promotion for a staff member who does not call out even once in a whole year. The third approach would be issuing warning letters for call-outs.

The three approaches are intended to motivate the employees to attend work without calling out and missing work. Therefore, having a one-week paid holiday as a reward will encourage employees to participate in the appointment and withhold their desire to take call-outs and wait for a one-week paid leave. The possibility of promotion for those who attend work promptly without fail is expected to make employees reduce call-outs to compete for promotion which also comes with an increased salary. Warning letters can also increase the generalization of the wanted behaviour because warning those who make call-outs deters them from missing work.

Increased generalization happens when an individual generalizes or does the modified behaviour regularly. For instance, increased generalization in this company will happen when the staff makes it a regular habit to go to work without calling out. The more the modified behaviour is generalized, the more response maintenance is made possible. Response maintenance continues a newly acquired behaviour (Miltenberger, 2015). In this case, response maintenance will happen when employees constantly attend work without missing even a day.

Technician evaluation deals with examining the impact that a behaviour modification program has had on the targeted individual. As such, it involves evaluating the success of the program. This approach aligns with the principles for promoting generalization since reinforcement also promotes generalization. Reinforcement involves assessing the program and using other methods to make the behaviour reoccur.

When programming for generalization and maintenance, the reinforcers are reassessed to see their effectiveness, and if effective and not harmful, they are reused alongside other approaches (Behavior Analyst Certification Board, 2014). Therefore, when doing this generalization and maintenance, the action automatically aligns with code 4.10, which avoids harmful reinforcers.


Behavior Analyst Certification Board (2014). Professional and Ethical Compliance Code for       Behavior Analysts

Miltenberger, R. G. (2015). Behavior Modification: Principles and Procedures. United      States: Cengage Learning.


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DB. U8. 385


You are an experienced BCBA who is consulting at a startup ABA company. About six months ago, the owner asked you to design a shaping procedure for staff attendance. Good news! Your plan was effective! Staff attendance significantly improved in months two through four and reached the desired levels in month five. However, in the last 3-4 weeks, the data reflects an increase in staff callouts. The owner will be opening a second location in about six months from now. They would like for attendance to return to the improved levels of month five and for that improved attendance to carry over to the new location.

Generalization of Modified Behavior

Generalization of Modified Behavior


Please complete your assigned readings and respond to the following:

Detail three approaches you could incorporate into the shaping procedure that would increase the probability of the desired attendance occurring in the new location, as well as future clinic locations.
Explain how these three approaches increase the generalization of modified behaviour.
Discuss why increasing generalization also increases the probability of response maintenance.
Explain how technician evaluations align with the guiding principles for promoting generalized outcomes.
Illustrate how the programming for generalization and maintenance is aligned with the BACB Ethics Code in maximizing client outcomes in a given setting and responsibility to supervisees and trainees.

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