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Future of Training

Future of Training

In the past, training and development were not much prioritized by organizations. They never focused on training and viewed it as an essential activity that adds value to the institution. Today, most successful companies offer training to their staff, assisting them in dealing with competitive challenges. To enable more essential growth mindsets in organizations and corporate training, the future of training can change due to the advancement of technology like the use of artificial intelligence (Noe, 2017).

Changes in Organization Training

There are significant aspects that are changing in the training sector. The changes are happening in various training things like certification training, learning and development, business etiquette training, board of director training, and upskilling. The incorporation of different strategies that facilitate training and positive impact continues to register in the faces of many organizations. The changes in organizational training are inevitable and will continue to happen to better running operations of the organizations (Susomrith et al., 2019).

Development of Training in Companies

With the current training and development in many organization sectors, the future of training can be seen through a great learning system composed of strategy, culture, content, people, and learning (Haugen et al., 2019). Future training and its development debate revolve around learning culture, strategy, and technology. Content development in training will continue developing behaviors and mindsets within an organization.


In a nutshell, to enhance essential growth mindsets in organizations, investments in an institution’s training activities are inevitable. The future of training will change due to the advancement of technology and will impact organizations’ competitiveness. Training development will enhance problem-solving, creativity, change management, digital transformation, and the transformational CLO and help in mindset growth.


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Future of Training

Future of Training

Discuss what you see changing, going away, developing, etc. for the training and development industry within the next 10 to 20 years. Defend your predictions with your course materials and outside research

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