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Firewall Practical Applications-McAfee Firewall

Firewall Practical Applications-McAfee Firewall

McAfee is a security suite that includes security controls like antivirus and firewall. A McAfee firewall” is software used to”secure a network by managing and controlling inbound and outbound traffic (packets being transmitted) (Ganeshan & Rodrigues). The software works by enabling some configurations and the use of security levels for protection. The software monitors all int firewalls to control access and detect, alert, and prevent attacks.

Download and Installation

Get an installation setup file from the McAfee website. Install the setup by clicking on it and following the instructions given. Free and premium accounts for the firewall packages exist, which range from one to multiple users (Guha & Manhar, 2020). It’s imperative to select the latest update of the software.

After a successful installation, open the software and open the settings tab to select the firewall. Use the traffic controller pane to set different security levels to various modules depending on the probability of a risk occurring and the severity of the impact (Guha & Manhar, 2020). Save the settings to implement the changes. Each process is given a security level with certain control access permissions.

Firewall Configuration Utilities

The McAfee firewall is configured to enhance the utility of access control to the internet by programs, protecting against unauthorized access and use of computers and their resources. Additionally, the firewall enhances port scanning to determine open and closed ports to avoid the installation of backdoors. Other functionalities include detecting, blocking, and deleting malicious programs like trojan horses, ransomware, or spyware and enhancing the logging of events on network traffic for analysis to detect and prevent attacks (Lowder, 2019). Give alerts in case of detection and ensure the signals do not interfere with the usability and ease of use of the system. Managing remote connections. Finally, it allows for packet analysis and configuration reset.

Functionality Testing

First, conduct a port scanning process and determine the open and closed ports. Locate a specific port in the system and close the port to turn off any network traffic via that port. Initiate some packets and send them to the blocked port. It is observed that the packages are denied access, and an alert is raised by the intrusion detection module, which is signature and rule-based (Lowder, 2019).


Ganeshan, R., & Rodrigues, P. Enhanced Network Security System Using Firewalls

Guha, A., & Manhar, A. (2020). Role of Spyware Analysis in the Arena of Cybersecurity.

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Complete Project 4.1, “The McAfee Firewall,” from Ch. 4, “Firewall Practical Applications,” of Network Defense and Countermeasures: Principles and Practices.

Firewall Practical Applications-McAfee Firewall

Firewall Practical Applications-McAfee Firewall

Check Pages 119-120 in the attached textbook.
Write a 1-page reflection on the purpose and results of the exercise. In your review, examine the firewall’s configuration utilities and your attempt to send packets to blocked ports on that firewall.

Title Page
The total paper must be 350 words (about 1 page, but I will be looking at word count)
If a template is provided, you must use the template.
Use the bullets or key points in the instructions and create corresponding headings and subheaders. This way, it will be obvious that you hit the key issues.
Include at least one reference that is properly cited
Any images must have a caption and referenced in the paper.
Combine the screenshots and the remainder of the assignment into one APA-formatted document. If you submit the work in multiple parts, you will lose points.
Follow APA format (fonts, etc.) – For details on the formatting, see the UOP library tab.

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