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Finding Your Purpose-Spiritual Exploration

Finding Your Purpose-Spiritual Exploration

Human beings have a purpose, and according to the Christian perspective, God created for a reason. God is an infinite being, while human beings are finite, meaning that they are limited in their capacities. Also, human beings have a rational nature, and their dual nature of body and soul implies that they have a specific, purposeful nature as they are made in the image and likeliness of God. Therefore, understanding humanity is major in finding one’s purpose. According to Christianity, this can be done in two ways:

Firstly, understanding that human beings have a twofold nature of body and soul. This nature demonstrates being made in the image of God, who is a conscious, personal being not bound by physical space (Hogan, n.d.). Human beings, are, however, bound to physical space and are finite beings. Thus, they were created in the image of God to have a specific, purposeful nature. Secondly, being created in the image of God forms the foundation of the equality and value of every human being. Every human being has a value that cannot be lost even when their ability of rationality has been lost.

Mission Dei is a Latin term in theology that translates as “Mission of God”. It refers to the work of the church as being a subset of God’s work in the world. Hartenstein, in his report of the Willingen conference, described the mission as “participation in the sending of the Son, in the Missio Dei, with an inclusive aim of establishing the Lordship of Christ over the whole redeemed creation (Arthur, n.d.). This fits into a Christian sense of purpose in the sense that the mission started with God, and therefore, it is our purposeful obligation to continue with His work.

In conclusion, finding purpose has become one of humanity’s challenging tasks. On the other hand, Christianity has provided some ways in understanding one’s sense of purpose. It elaborates that, in Jesus, one sees humanity’s true purpose and significance. Through Christ, God restores sinful human beings to a place of totality where one’s heart becomes spiritually transformed.


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After reviewing the “Finding Your Purpose” section in The Beginning of Wisdom, discuss some of the ways that people might discover their purpose.

Finding Your Purpose-Spiritual Exploration

Finding Your Purpose-Spiritual Exploration

How does the Christian concept of Missio Dei fit into a Christian’s sense of purpose?

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