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Field Notes

Field Notes

The research seeks to answer the question, “What is the relationship between fashion magazines and body image among women?” The independent variable has been identified as fashion magazines, whereas body image is the dependable variable. I believe fashion magazines tend to impact women’s body image, and the study seeks to learn more about this.

Description of everything that can be remembered

Various studies have re-examined the relationship between fashion magazines and women’s body image. The majority of these studies claim that fashion magazines set ideal standards of beauty by using unrealistically slim and beautiful women. Women who fail to meet these standards are made to feel dissatisfied with their bodies, and this causes them to have significant physical and psychological problems like low self-esteem, eating disorders, and even depression (Swiatkowski, 2016). Such issues are increasingly common among teenage girls.


The study used a correlational research design. This design searches for and describes the link between measured variables (Stangor, 2010). In this case, the study sought to find the connection between the consumption of fashion magazines and body dissatisfaction among women, hence making it a correlational study. No controls were used in this study.


The study aimed to find the link between fashion magazines and body dissatisfaction among women. A correlational research design can help establish such a link. Most scholars conclude that there is a positive correlation between the consumption of fashion magazines and the rate of body dissatisfaction among women. This dissatisfaction drives women into poor eating habits and causes low self-esteem and depression. Negative body images seem to arise from societal standards of beauty, which demand thinness among women, particularly in Western societies.


Stangor, C. (2010). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences. (4th ed). Wadsworth Cengage Learning.

Swiatkowski, P. (2016). Magazine influence on body dissatisfaction: Fashion vs. health? Cogent social sciences, 2(1), 1250702.


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Field Notes Assignment

Field Notes Assignment

Paper Instructions
Remember to organize your notes to include the following sections:
1. Notes
2. Description of everything that can be remembered
3. Analysis
4. Reflection
Note when you observe a reference to research. You may need to dive deeper into the study referenced to complete your journal this week.
Some things to include in your entries:
• Summary of the event (include links if relevant).
• What type of research method was used? Describe what makes the study that method.
• Were there controls?
• If the study was quasi-experimental, what type of design did the researchers use?
• Document the event with images, drawings, videos, personal thoughts, etc.
• New questions that arise from observations.
The weekly entries will be marked as complete/incomplete. However, you may receive

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