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Family Traits

Family Traits

For this project on the family’s genetic traits, I decided to collect my family’s fingerprint patterns. People can have different types of fingerprint patterns, but there are three main types, which are classified using the advanced Henry method (Souza et al., 2021). These patterns include loop, arch, and whorl. Fingerprint patterns are one of the inheritable characteristics. Notably, even if fingerprint patterns are similar due to inheritance, the details of each individual’s patterns are unique to them only. I first collected my parents’ fingerprints; my father had whorl fingerprint patterns, while my mother had loop fingerprint patterns. Next, I examined both of my siblings and lastly, I examined my fingerprint traits and recorded the data. The results showed that all of us, except my father, had the same fingerprint pattern. Essentially, our fingerprints matched our mother’s, the loop fingerprint pattern, making up about eighty percent of the family members.

According to a study published by O’Brien & Murphy (2020), the loop is one of the dominant fingerprint patterns. Two more studies, Patil & Ingle (2021) and Shashidhar et al. (2022), also state that the loop fingerprint pattern is one of the most dominant or most regularly discovered fingerprint patterns. All articles mentioned above, in conjunction with many other published fingerprint pattern studies, have tried to prove the link between fingerprints and gender, blood groups, and lifestyle. Still, the main commonality is that the loop pattern is the most common, which, in my perspective, means it is more dominant than the others. Therefore, this explains why my siblings and I share the same fingerprint pattern with my mother and none with my father; my father’s fingerprint is recessive.


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Family Traits

Collect information from your family members to share a pattern of an inherited trait within your family.

Family Traits

Family Traits

Discuss whether or not your trait is a dominant or recessive trait
Include what percentage of family members exhibit the trait
Explain your reasoning for your opinion.

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