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Exploring the Labor Market Characteristics of Detroit MI- Implications for The King Company’s Expansion

Exploring the Labor Market Characteristics of Detroit MI- Implications for The King Company’s Expansion

Diversity at a workplace such as the King Company is essential for compliance with regulations and a rich workforce. To achieve diversity, a company must consciously work towards hiring different employees. The hiring process should offer all candidates equal access to the different opportunities as new hires or existing employees. The equality can easily be identified by staff members who can then highlight the issues that they believe promote discrimination, affecting diversity. In the King Company’s case, it is necessary to streamline its various elements that tend to interfere with its ability to grow financially and geographically.

King Company’s Expansion to Detroit

The King Company can move to Detroit as part of its expansion strategy. Like the rest of the country, Detroit’s population is aging rapidly (Rogers, 2018). The number of white and young college graduates is also increasing at a modest rate. Unfortunately, the participation of the current population in labor activities is wanting. There is a significant rate of school dropouts, criminal records, and disability, which reduces the participation of citizens in the labor market. At least 140,000 individuals who have achieved the working age in Detroit are not actively involved in the labor market (Holzer & Rivera, 2019). This lack of involvement is due to the lack of a car, disabilities, lack of education, and unemployment.

Based on the data, one can easily judge Detroit as a poor location for the King Company’s expansion process. However, the company seeks to achieve diversity and still have a workforce that can deliver (Kimberly, 2019). It is also seeking to reduce its payroll costs by reducing the number of employees. The wage rates in Detroit range from $10 to $20 per hour. This population provides the company with an ideal opportunity to hire and train a reliable and diverse workforce that does not cost much. Skill development through training is essential for an organization that seeks to develop a dependable workforce (U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021). Despite the intention to cut down on manager training activities, it is important to retain employee training, especially among new hires. When employees are trained, they become empowered and complete the various responsibilities as expected (Kravitz, 2006).

In addition, hiring employees is not just a matter of skills and abilities. It has a lot to do with attitude. At least 46 percent of new employees tend to fail in the first year and a half. At least 89 percent of this group fails because of the lack of a favorable attitude despite being skilled and knowledgeable. Only one percent fails due to lack of skill. One of the strategies that recruiters use to determine the employees with the right attitude is textual analysis (Murphy, 2019). A good attitude is important because candidates who possess this learn easily and work with others favorably (How The Managers At Caesars Palace Teach Employees To Have A Great Attitude, 2021). Therefore, the organization can change its approach towards recruitment and not only consider knowledge, skills, and abilities. They should include the element of attitude as well to create a workforce that can be trained for reliability and efficiency.


The King Company requires workforce diversity, reliability, and efficiency as it plans to expand into various locations. Detroit is an ideal location that offers a diverse population. The main task that the company must adopt is intensive training to ensure that employees are well-equipped with sufficient skills, knowledge, and abilities. This also demands that the organization consider the attitude of its workforce during the hiring process.


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Module 2 – SLP
Read The King Company Background to review information on the company.

When business improves for The King Company, the company plans to build a facility in Detroit, MI. Research and explain the following in an essay format which includes an introduction and conclusion (not a Q&A format):

Exploring the Labor Market Characteristics of Detroit MI- Implications for The King Company's Expansion

Exploring the Labor Market Characteristics of Detroit MI- Implications for The King Company’s Expansion

The demographic characteristics of the Detroit labor market. Would the company find the diversity and skill levels needed to build its technology component? Discuss. If not, where is the closest location to Detroit you would recommend and why?

U.S. Department of Labor (

U.S. Census Bureau (

Note: These are both national databases. Also, check with the State Department of labor and other sources for information.

For this SLP assignment utilize at least 2 sources from the Trident Online Library to help strengthen and validate your discussion.

Make reasonable, cost-effective assumptions in your paper, if needed. State your assumptions in the beginning of your discussion.

Paper length: 2 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages).

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