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Exploring the Existence of God- A Deductive Argument Approach

Exploring the Existence of God- A Deductive Argument Approach

To prove the existence of God, I will choose a deductive argument, i.e., a reasoned argument. There are several reasons for picking a reasoned argument. Deductive reasoning uses more than one statement so as to reach a logical conclusion. It links the premises and the conclusion. Its direction of the reason is the same as that of the conditionals. When all the beliefs are true in clear terms and following deductive logic, the conclusion is automatically true (Moore & Parker 2009). The reasoning here is top-down logic—no uncertainty in reasoned arguments. The arguer intends to make the argument deductively valid- providing a guarantee that the conclusion is proper. The premises offer strong support to the conclusion. A deductive argument is not affected by new evidence.

The existence of God is self–evident. Some of the logical arguments are; the argument from consciousness. Body mechanisms or the brain cannot explain the consciousness of human beings. There has to be an aspect of the human consciousness that is not physical. It is indirect evidence of the existence of God. The claim is consistent with notions in Islam and Christianity on the afterlife and souls (Turner 2004). The cosmological argument argues that everything that exists has a cause. There is something or someone who caused their existence. The universe began to exist a long time ago. There must have been a reason causing its existence. It cannot exist by itself. The ultimate cause has to be God. Since God caused the universe to start existing, he must have been there before the universe and must be very powerful. Something or someone cannot cause another to exist unless they are more powerful than them. These two arguments prove that God exists and that he is present in people’s lives up to date.


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Exploring the Existence of God- A Deductive Argument Approach

Exploring the Existence of God- A Deductive Argument Approach

How do you go about it? Do you choose to use inductive arguments or deductive arguments (pick one)? Why? Provide at least two sample arguments you would use. Write a couple of paragraphs. Deduction and Induction – Chapters 8, 9, and 10 Critical Thinking 8th edition

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