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Exploring Middle Range Theories and Framing Practice Issues

Exploring Middle Range Theories and Framing Practice Issues

Exploring Middle-Range Theories and Framing Practice Issues

 Administrators of hospitals and medical facilities have struggled with nursing burnout for many years. Taking care of issues brought on by nursing burnout can truly be worrying because it can impair the hospital’s ability to care for patients and the legitimacy and dependability of the healthcare services offered there. Consequently, understanding the causes, risk factors, and effects of burnout on nurses and their patients is crucial for researchers and nurses (Dall’Ora et al., 2020). Nurses should always be available and prepared to provide high-quality nursing care, which they most likely cannot accomplish if they are experiencing nursing burnout.

Middle-Ranged Theories for Addressing Nursing Burnout

Some philosophies support the improvement and development of available nursing care and services. The present nursing techniques applied to patients in medical hospitals, clinics, and centers are supported by nursing ideas that serve as a foundation. Grand theories are more generalized than middle-range nursing theories, which are more nuanced and focused. Before nursing care professionals could apply and incorporate the concepts and propositions inherent in a specific theory, middle-range nursing theories had to be logical, tested, and consistent (Dall’Ora et al., 2020). Without these midrange nursing theories, nurses and perhaps other healthcare professionals would have their common sense to rely on, which might greatly complicate matters since people typically do not think similarly when working in a group. Without these theories as a guide, the entire system may become complex and chaotic, resulting in subpar patient care delivery and, in turn, poor patient outcomes.

Theory of Symptom Management: One of the most successful middle-range nursing theories for addressing professional nurses’ nursing burnout issues is symptom management. Adults and children who have been diagnosed with a pediatric, geriatric, psychiatric, physical, or emotional disorder are most frequently treated according to the symptom management theory (Silva et al., 2021). Given that nursing burnout is most likely a psychiatric condition, there is a good chance that treating the symptoms first, followed by the underlying causes and contributing factors, will be an efficient strategy for dealing with the problem (Ling et al., 2020). It is crucial to remember that this theory’s initial intent was not to address issues with human resource management in hospitals and clinics but rather to research symptoms and improve therapeutic care.

This middle-range hypothesis was developed for nursing practitioners active in clinical practice and symptom research. In keeping with the general advancement of nursing practice, it seeks to enhance these individuals’ current practices and interactions (Silva et al., 2021). Concerning symptom research and nursing practice, it also strives to develop a more organized style of thinking and more effective management solutions.

Conservation of Resources theory: This theory seeks to understand the nature of stress and close the gap between individuals’ perceptions of their value and their capacity to meet the demands of their physical and social environments. People value the concept of resource conservation because they desire to gather, hold onto, and produce resources (Prapanjaroensin et al., 2019). A concept known as resource conservation discusses how to develop or maintain survival and well-being using resources. Because it characterizes employees in human services, healthcare, and education occupations who feel job-related mental stress, the conservation of resources theory can explain burnout (Dall’Ora et al., 2020). Fatigue brought on by an excessive workload is a sign of burnout. According to the conservation of resources theory proponents, constant threats to precious resources result in burnout, and work performance may affect patient safety.


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Analyze your nursing practice (psychiatric) for issues of particular interest or concern to you. Identify one issue as the focus of your application of theory to practice.

Review the Learning Resources to identify specific middle-range theories that may apply to your practice issue. (check below)

Exploring Middle Range Theories and Framing Practice Issues

Exploring Middle-Range Theories and Framing Practice Issues

Choose at least two middle-range theories that might be most relevant and valuable in addressing your practice issue.

Search the Walden University Library for scholarly articles that address the application of middle-range theories to practice issues.

Consider how to frame your focus practice issue in terms of the middle-range theories that you have selected.

With these thoughts in mind …

The assignment:

Write an explanation of your practice issue. Then, describe two middle-range theories that are most valuable in addressing this issue and explain why. Be specific and provide examples. At least 3 references and citations

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