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How to Write an Exploratory Essay

Exploratory essay

An exploratory essay is different from the other essay types since it doesn’t back up a claim or display a particular argument with the respective evidence. Alternatively, it enables the writer to analyze the topic and contemplate dependent conclusions regarding it. It demonstrates the research materials you explored and the techniques you used to make your conclusion.

This article is an in-depth summary of the basics of writing an exploratory essay that will stand out and various exploratory essay topics for your writing.

What is an exploratory essay?

The essay on exploration is a short nonfiction piece where the writer analyzes a matter or considers a concept. This occurs without necessarily trying to justify a thesis or a point. To craft a distinguished exploratory essay, select the newest and most thrilling topics.

How to Write an exploratory essay

If your professor gives you an assignment on writing the exploratory essay apply these steps for a paper that will earn you a top grade;

  1. Prepare the basic outline of your exploratory essay applying the format outline as your guide.
  2. Proofread the articles and the response paper on summary analysis.
  3. Insert your article’s uses to back up your outline points. Make sure you include your point source in MLA format.
  4. Discuss your paper with either a friend or colleague using the outline. Explain to them your key points and ensure they comprehend.
  5. You may need to collect several visuals to incorporate into the exploratory essay.
  6. Write your draft. Make sure you include transitions including people’s beliefs and viewpoints. Remember to make use of author tags when discussing a specific article.
  7. Include your research’s quotes, paraphrases, and summary of ideas in the draft. In your exploratory essay, you mainly paraphrase the situations you depict in your opinion.
  8. Assess the exploratory essay with the use of your peer editing questions by adhering to the writer’s instructions and letting another person tackle the questions on peer editing.
  9. Create your final draft by putting into practice your peer editing session’s lessons to amend your paper.

What is exploratory research?

Exploratory research is the study carried out to explore an ambiguous topic. It is conducted to understand the present situation more, but the results will be uncertain. For this particular study, the researcher commences with a wide concept and uses the research process to realize the problems that can be the future research subject.

Characteristics of exploratory research

The following are the unique attributes of a great research exploratory essay;

  • It entails disorganized research
  • It’s generally affordable, unlimited, and engaging.
  • It will enable the researcher to answer inquiries including; What’s the objective of the study? and What’s the problem?
  • There is neither no current research nor recent research that doesn’t give a particular issue response.
  • The inquiry is a time-consuming task that needs patience and comes with dangers.

Topics for an exploratory essay

The following are examples of current topics for exploratory research to apply in your exploratory essay to impress your professors;

Topics for exploratory essay in family life

  1. What are the most significant duties of parents?
  2. Is it necessary to keep ties with the extended family?
  3. Single parents must be provided extra support
  4. Single-parent homes children are more disadvantaged than two-parent families children
  5. The best age to begin a family

Topics for exploratory essay in technology

  1. The significant impact of social media on our confidentiality
  2. Smartphones harm our ability to communicate through voice
  3. Is technology leading to employment opportunity reduction?
  4. Television is associated with a reduction in mental capacity
  5. Can Artificial Intelligence and computers educate well compared to humans?

Topics for exploratory essay in health or wellbeing

  1. What is the significance of a perfect body image?
  2. How health changes as your age progresses?
  3. Can fitness and exercise become addictive?
  4. The pros and cons of cigarettes smoking
  5. Is medical marijuana a good option for treatment?

Exploratory essay topics for college students

These college students exploratory essay topics will guarantee you an exceptional exploratory essay that will make you an expert in your respective field of study;

  1. How do parents and teachers provide students with an excellent education?
  2. Must students be compensated for top grades?
  3. How to reduce school dropouts in least-developed countries?
  4. What approaches can be established to restrict schools’ technologies?
  5. How to progress classroom learning with the suitable spaces
  6. How to control time in the most appropriate way
  7. Does coffee boost the students’ learning ability
  8. Among women and men, who enroll in college more?
  9. How to equalize school opportunities among students
  10. Between textbooks and digital. Which are advantageous in schools nowadays?

Topics for exploratory essay in sports

  1. Sports are essential to the physical and mental development of children, explain
  2. What psychological factors participate in the field of professional athletics?
  3. Sports comprise a celebrated and long history
  4. The evolution of athletes into celebrities
  5. Which one is more demanding in sports: training or intrinsic skill?

Topics for exploratory essay in business

  1. Must organizations be exempted from meeting their tax obligations?
  2. The progress of the gaming industry online
  3. Must you invest your money in the form of cryptocurrencies, stocks, or bonds?
  4. Cryptocurrencies are progressing with time – Explore more on Blockchain
  5. Shall the Bitcoin buzz explode at a particular point?

Topics for Exploratory essay in arts and music

  1. How has pop music transformed from the 1950s?
  2. The key role music plays as a global language
  3. The pros of training your child to play musical instruments
  4. Is it likely to brighten up by music listening?
  5. The role of music in socialization?

Topics for Exploratory essay on serious health problems

  1. Pollution is extremely high
  2. Deforestation is reducing our levels of oxygen and ruining wildlife habitats
  3. How institutions such as UN and NATO have helped in settling global issues?
  4. The current demanding global problem that we have encountered?
  5. The increase in tides and flooding might arise from the melting of polar ice

Topics for exploratory essay in modern society

  1. Are pubs losing their petition?
  2. How Tinder has altered our communication and how we form relationships?
  3. The previous and current political parties’ comparison
  4. The Impact of the Internet on our lifestyle
  5. How dating online has changed how we develop connections

Topics for exploratory essay in schooling and education

  1. Should technology use be restricted in schools?
  2. How to study well for the exam?
  3. Should students achieve more practical skills and knowledge?
  4. Should governments try to minimize education costs?
  5. The effect of coffee on the study and concentration ability

Topics for an exploratory essay on entertainment

  1. Watching pornography risks to our health
  2. The role film plays currently
  3. The perfect film running time
  4. How has Netflix changed our television-watching habits
  5. Should violence and graphic sex be allowed on television and in movies

Topics for exploratory essay in religion and culture

  1. Various cultures have numerous eating habits, explain
  2. Various cultures’ beliefs concerning the afterlife?
  3. The most important distinctions between Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity,
  4. Is religion used as a tool of escapism?
  5. Does the Islamic faith boost violence?

Miscellaneous topics for an exploratory essay

  1. Is gene-splicing ethical?
  2. The pros and cons of consuming genetically modified foods
  3. How terrorism has changed from the nine-eleven attacks?
  4. Have traditional taxis been reduced proportionately to UBER?
  5. Which country the U.S. or China is the actual world’s superpower?

Topics for exploratory essay in relationships and social media

  1. Do cell phones help or harm relationships?
  2. Are current college and high school students more experienced in one-on-one communication compared to past individuals?
  3. Social media impact on relationships adolescents?
  4. The pros and cons of dating online
  5. Does the internet age render it more challenging for people to get a date?

Topics for exploratory essay in genetic engineering

  1. Who decides on what should be cloned?
  2. Is it a concern if most molecular engineering methods graduate students are not U.S. citizens?
  3. Does extinct species DNA study detract from recent attempts to save endangered species?
  4. Must the government ban personal genetic modification labs?
  5. Home genetic research risks to people
  6. Can gene mapping and deceased species’ DNA study help us?

To sum up

The main aim of the exploratory essay is to discover things via multiple lenses, targeting to assist readers to agree or disagree on the issue at hand. Writing an essay on exploration commences with selecting a fascinating topic to write on and is such a daunting task. Most students are overwhelmed with the brainstorming process to discover incomparable topics.

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