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Explicit Rules in our Family

Explicit Rules in our Family

Explicit Rules in our Family

One unspoken rule in my household is that no drugs or drug use are permitted. When I go out, or my siblings do, whether at a party, concert or just hanging out with friends, my parents have made it clear that they will not tolerate any of us using drugs. Whenever we ask for permission to hang out at either of the places named above or any other place where there is alcohol, my parents make sure to explicitly state what is expected of us. The rules apply as long as one is a child, but once we become of legal age, 21 years, the rules change from not using drugs to only using legal substances, like alcohol.

Another explicit rule in my house is to always lock the doors whenever we are in the house or when we leave. When my mum was young, she once left the door unlocked while she was inside because it was daytime, and robbers walked in and burglarized the house while she was asleep. Fortunately, nothing happened to her, but since then, she has made sure to remind whoever is at home to always lock the door behind them. Another rule explicitly stated in our family is no physical fighting. While conflicts are inevitable in any relationship, my parents have explicitly stated that physical fights are not allowed. While arguments are allowed, as well as other conflict styles like not talking to each other for a while, physically hurting each other is where the line is drawn. Notably, there are limits to arguing as well because some words thrown at each other could get us in trouble.

Punishment for breaking these rules depends on the rule broken. The punishments involve being grounded for varying periods of time depending on the degree of wrongdoing, having a phone taken away, having to do extra chores around the house for everyone else, and a reduction in allowance, just to name a few.


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What rules does your family have?

Are these explicit (stated clearly ) or implicit (understood, not verbally expressed)?

What happens when a rule is violated?

Explicit Rules in our Family

Explicit Rules in our Family

Example: My family, when I was growing up, had the rules of being home when the street lights came on, and if we went anywhere, we were to leave a note letting my parents know where we were.

These were both explicit rules because we were told verbally that this was what was expected of us.

If my siblings or I violated these rules, we were grounded for a or two to reinforce how important it is to follow the rules so that nothing bad happened to us.

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