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Experimental Research Article Summary

Experimental Research Article Summary

This paper focuses on the experimental research article titled “Flipped classroom and role-playing as active learning methods in the social work degree: a randomized experimental study” by Gómez-Poyato et al. (2020). According to Maudlin (2020), an experiment is a process of data collection fashioned to test hypotheses in controlled environments. This experimental research tests the hypothesis that active learning methodologies that involve a greater extent of student participation, among other factors, are more effective than the traditional lecture-based technique, where there is little to no participation of the students (Kober, 2015). The active learning methodologies highlighted in this study were the flipped classroom and role-playing.

The study was conducted at the University of Zaragoza for over one year on students studying social work. The ethical considerations were all met, with the school agreeing to the experiment, and the students, a total of 113, all gave informed consent. The design involved a randomized experimental study whereby the students were divided into two groups. One would be taught using the active learning techniques (experimental group), while the other would be taught using the lecture-based technique (control group). An independent study investigator developed a randomization computer program, which was used to assign each student to either of the two groups. The same teacher, applying all the required teaching and learning practices involved in each teaching technique, taught both groups.

The main variable in this research was the students’ academic performance in both groups, which was measured using a test at the end of the research period. On the other hand, the secondary variable was the student’s satisfaction with the teaching method, measured using a questionnaire that the students filled out. The results showed a significant variation in academic performance, with the experimental group having higher scores than the control group. In addition, quantitatively, the secondary variable showed that both groups had no differences in satisfaction with both teaching techniques. Still, qualitatively, the experimental group had more satisfaction with their learning technique than the control group. Furthermore, the experimental group also showed that they perceived the course as less challenging than the control group. Therefore, according to the results, the hypothesis was confirmed.


Gómez-Poyato, M. J., Aguilar-Latorre, A., Martínez-Pecharromán, M. M., Magallón-Botaya, R., & Oliván-Blázquez, B. (2020). Flipped classroom and role-playing as active learning methods in the social work degree: randomized experimental study. Social Work Education39(7), 879-892.

Kober, N. (2015). Reaching students: What research says about effective instruction in undergraduate science and engineering. National Academies Press.

Mauldin, R. L. (2020). Foundations of social work research. Mavs Open Press.


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Experimental Research Article Summary

Experimental Research Article Summary

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