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Examining Quantitative Research Methods

Examining Quantitative Research Methods

Article Summary

The article I selected is “Factors associated with depression and anxiety in medical students: a multicenter study by  Brenneisen Mayer et al., 2016”.The main research question for the article is “What individual and institution factors are associated with depression and anxiety among Brazilian medical students?”. The research measurements were a study population of 22 medical institutions in Brazil between August 2011 and August 2012, including individual factors such as gender, age, tuition fee, and housing. Institution factors such as medical training years, the status of the school, whether public or private, school site and support services were also measured. Lastly, STAI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory) and BDI (Beck Depression Inventory) scores were calculated. The study factors measurements were measured using a socio-demographic questionnaire that assessed gender, age, housing, tuition fee, and medical training year. The BDI questionnaire was used to determine the symptoms of depression, and STAI was used to assess the state of anxiety intensity and trait-anxiety frequency. The primary findings of the research indicated that the prevalence of depressive symptoms was 41 per cent (BDI > 9), state anxiety was 81.7 per cent, and trait anxiety was 85.6 per cent (STAI > 33). Depression, stress, and trait anxiety were correlated with females and students in both sexes’ capital cities. Tuition fee recipients scored higher on state anxiety. Medical students with high depression and anxiety symptoms had more minor support services.

Modification of the Research Article

To follow up on the above research, I will modify the correlational research design to a descriptive research design. I will use a longitudinal survey for data collection by adjusting the time duration from the time the sample study students joined the medical school to the current year to enable more effortless follow-up. For the longitudinal survey, I will identify the personal and institutional characteristics as used in the article. Then I will compare the trends of depression, state and trait anxiety in different years.


Brenneisen Mayer, F., Souza Santos, I., Silveira, P. S., Itaqui Lopes, M. H., de Souza, A. R. N. D., Campos, E. P., … & Tempski, P. (2016). Factors associated with depression and anxiety in medical students: a multicenter study. BMC Medical Education16(1), 1-9.


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In the Week 7 Discussion, we will analyze a peer-reviewed journal article. Using PsycINFO, select a peer-reviewed journal article that uses a quantitative research design.

Examining Quantitative Research Methods

Examining Quantitative Research Methods

Provide a brief summary that highlights the main research question, what was measured, how it was measured, and the primary findings. Please discuss what methods you would use differently and what you would do as a follow-up study. Ensure that your discussion focuses on the research design (i.e., methods) and your next steps focus on how you would design or redesign the study if you were asked to do it.

In your peer responses, please reflect on how your peers’ choices, examples, etc., are similar or different from your choices.

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