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Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research


I agree that research is critical in healthcare. It informs evidence-based practices, which most of the APNs are embracing. As you have stated, the APNs must retrieve, read, and critique various resources. Today, evidence-based practice is significant in healthcare. Most healthcare organizations embrace it to ensure that quality of care is established and maintained. The positive aspect of utilizing evidence-based practice is that healthcare practitioners such as APNs can put into practice the most recent findings from various studies. This improves healthcare outcomes significantly as the quality and effectiveness of care are boosted. Decision-making is significantly informed by evidence-based practices (Vanderbilt University).

Healthcare organizations must create a culture around reading and research tendencies to facilitate this recent adoption. They should also have an expert who can advise nurses and other professionals on using evidence from various studies. For instance, it is essential to determine legitimate, valid, and ethical studies available on different platforms (Chien). Since most facilities will likely use electronic instead of complex copy resources, guidance on choosing reputable and reliable studies is essential. At the same time, interpreting the information to make meaningful decisions requires further guidance. Communication with the expert should be simplified to ensure that APNs confidently utilize evidence in their practice. The evidence-based research expert should be easy to reach and have the necessary relational and instructional skills. Such an approach requires the organization’s commitment and allocation of sufficient resources to support the process.


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Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

Evidence-Based Practice and Nursing Research

How advanced practice nurses can use research-based evidence to inform clinical practice
Research is vital since it assists nurses in finding out some of the effective best practices and improving patient care. Advanced practice nurses use the approaches of retrieval, reading, critique, and applying nursing research to help generate research findings to improve service delivery (Dunphy et al., 2019). Advanced Practice Nurses use research-based evidence to learn about new evidence-based methods or techniques to address common healthcare issues encountered daily while caring for patients.
Advanced practice nurses are using research-based evidence to help develop evidence-based practice. Advanced practice nurses utilize the research outcomes to help drive clinical decisions and healthcare (Dunphy et al., 2019). It helps ensure that the work performed by the nurses is based on the findings from the research works.
Advanced practice nurses use research-based evidence from peer reviews and nursing journals or articles as guidelines and the basis for establishing the best practices in the nursing field. Access to research-based evidence allows them to process and successfully utilize the information from the published research to improve information literacy, hence improving the quality of healthcare services to the patients. The access to the research findings is followed by the interpretation of the data, comparison of the studies, processing of the generated information, critique of the results, and critical thinking (Dunphy et al., 2019). Once the relevant information and best evidence-based practices are selected, nurses use the information to make a meaningful clinical decision.

Dunphy, L., Winland-Brown, J., Porter, B., & Thomas, D. (2019). Primary Care and The Art and Science of Advanced Practice Nursing – An Interprofessional Approach.

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