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Evaluating the Success of the Marketing Plan

Evaluating the Success of the Marketing Plan

The result of the marketing plan should be to ensure that marketing activities achieve the set objectives. However, not all marketing plans successfully achieve the objectives because of the setbacks involved. As the manager, I intend to continually evaluate the marketing plan’s success through several indicators that show that marketing was successful. A manager can rely on market reaction to assess whether the marketing plan succeeded (Hajli et al., 2020). An effective campaign should arouse reactions from competitors, like the move to copy the approaches; in the case of the Triage Center, the marketing plan will be successful if other facilities start establishing their triage centers.

If the marketing plan succeeded, the community and patients would respond positively and leave positive feedback or recommendations for seeking the facility’s services. The reactions from patients in the form of feedback and recommendations may show that the marketing was effective. Through engaging with the community after marketing the services offered in the facility, the manager can realize how marketing has evoked their interest in the campaign and thus rate the marketing strategy. However, this may always indicate a successful marketing plan because feedback doesn’t translate to the preference for services from the facility. Other metrics will be required to evaluate the response, like questioning whether the individuals seek the services.

Evaluating performance after a marketing campaign can also indicate the success or failure of a marketing plan (Saura, 2021). A successful campaign in this context will translate to an increased patient base and retention of those already engaged with the facility. The trend for a successful campaign should be increased demand for services compared to the period before the commencement of the marketing campaign. Evaluating return on investment based on new repeat or return patients will also indicate success through profits or failure in case of losses.


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Evaluating the Success of the Marketing Plan

Evaluating the Success of the Marketing Plan

As a healthcare manager, how will you know if your marketing plan succeeded? Provide details.

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