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Evaluating Strategic Impact

Evaluating Strategic Impact

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Evaluating Strategic Impact

Evidence-based policing is the best scientific approach that can be employed to improve police performance. Evidence-based policing is a practice that involves research and thorough analysis of findings before making decisions. Currently, universities are the owners of this scientific approach because they are responsible for conducting the study and the investigation. The universities are partners with the police in this practice as well as other research organizations. However, the involvement of other institutions may tamper with the statistics because they are prone to political and social advocacies. Political influence is most likely to impact the statistics gathered due to individual political interests significantly. Therefore, to avoid these interferences and setbacks, the police should be the only owners of evidence-based approaches and tools. They should work independently to allow for better tracking of statistics as well as to be able to formulate better cost-effective policies. Replication research, on the other hand, is essential in policing because it fosters confidence in the evidence found (Weisburd & Neyroud, 2011).

Replication research provides for the stability of knowledge by ensuring that evidence is repeatedly tested to avoid relying on mere coincidences. The police apply replication research when they use similar methods to solve different crimes within different periods. If the methods worked before, they are most likely to work again, but if not, the police can then come up with new strategies. Replication is also applied by studying previous criminal cases which are somehow related to the new ones (McNeeley & Warner, 2015). However, replication research can hinder the police in identifying new twists and differences in specific crimes. Crimes may seem similar in execution but differ in planning, a twist that might help the police to catch the culprit.


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Evaluating Strategic Impact

Please respond to the following:

Evaluating Strategic Impact

Evaluating Strategic Impact

Imagine that you are the director of the Department of Justice. You are tasked to implement a new science based strategic approach to policing which will affect every department in the United States.

  • Discuss how you would prevent political and social advocacies from influencing your decision as to the approach that you choose. Support your response.
  • Discuss the importance of using research replication as a component in the improvement of police science.

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